Is Your Business In The Global Village?

Don’t just depend on the customers who come to your shop every day- tap the potential of the internet! The web has more than 4 billion users across the world. Kenya alone has 43 million active internet users. These are real people looking for entertainment, food, medical care, jobs, banking services and buying products among other things. You just can’t miss out on this great opportunity, can you? That’s why we’re bringing you the best web designers in Kenya!

Let’s Boost Your Sales By Getting You an Authoritative Business Website

Our Kenyan web experts at The Guide Kenya will help you establish an online strategy that will increase your sales by over 90%. We provide the following services.

  • Web design
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google/Facebook map

Let’s face it- people are moving away from traditional business structures and embracing the technology an overwhelmingly fast rate. More than 50% of internet users buy their services and products online. That’s a whopping 2 billion people in the world and nearly 30 million Kenyans! You surely want to tap this potential and place your business on the global map.

How to get your business global

It can sound sophisticated- but we’ll guide you through every step of the way. First, you need to build an online presence. No doubt, you need to have a platform on which internet users can reach you and buy your products. This could be a Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram or LinkedIn among others. But most importantly, you should have a professional website!

Take our case study, for example. Most of our clients aren’t Kenyans- they’re from other parts of the world. They come across our services right on websites. That’s precisely why you should have an online presence.

Web designing, development and maintenance in Kenya

Designing a website is a crucial step in placing your business on the web. Most clients will be marvelled by the colour and features on your site. A responsive website is accessible from different kinds of devices- phones, tablets and computers. Thus, you should create a site that’s not only appealing but also intuitive.

The stages of Creating a Website (and where we help you)

The design is not the only thing you need. More than 97.5% of web visitors come to check the content you have. We’ll help you create top quality content with well researched and targeted keywords. This will bring visitors to your online business instead of you having to fish out for them. Fortunately, we’ll show you how to hire a good content writer.

Idea stage > Concept Stage > Designing Stage > Developing Stage > Testing Stage > Launching Stage > Content Stage > Marketing Stage > Earning Stage!

Idea and concept of building a website

The Idea Stage is where you come up with an abstract form of your website. To nurture your idea, think about the following:

  • Why do you need a site?
  • What’s the purpose of the site?
  • What are the features you want it to have?
  • Who are your target users?
  • What products do you want to sell?
  • How would you like to post?

If you note down the answers, you’ll already be through with both the Idea and Concept stages.

Designing a website

Designing is all about harnessing the looks and functionalities of a website. You need to know how you’d love your new site to look. Is it a professional, personal or commercial platform? If you want a place to post your resumes, achievements and personal memoirs or blogs, that’s a simple case. E-Commerce might require more attention than the personal blog.

Then, what is the colour, logo, theme or general feel of your website? Colour is crucial in design as it communicates feelings to your potential clients. Remember, a happy customer will make your business grow. Choose colours that make your blog authoritative.

Afterwards, draw your website- how you think it should look. Of course, we’ll help you find the best design for your niche or company. Here’s an example of a sketch design:

– 3 categories

-Static, informative homepage

–  White and Blue

– Calibri Font 12              

– Favorite posts on the right sidebar

As simple as such a sketch may be, it’ll lead your path into creating a stunning website!

Developing and Testing

After you have sketched your site, hire The Guide Kenya Website Designers to develop it for you. We may create a prototype for you to experience how your website will be. However, most of our customers like it when we send them a real complete website. The good thing is that we’ll include all the necessary features and test the site for their functionality. Then, we’re going to stick around for maintenance purposes.

Hire a Kenyan web designer here

  • Proactive communication and support
  • Free maintenance after creating your website
  • Free training on using the site
  • Place your business on Google Maps for free
  • Affordable rates

Make your business known to the world by letting us create a stunning, affordable website for you. No matter how small your bizna might be, we have a way to make it great online! Take our case study- a small cyber that now serves as Kenya’s number 1 go-to platform for all cyber-related services! That’s the power of a website. Contact to place your order now!