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Is Tuko.co.ke legit? Our Website Review will tell you everything: find how to download the Tuko app here, how to get Swahili News, Unsubscribe 40227, etc.

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Are you searching for Tuko news today? Our review is the complete guide. According to Alexa and Trends, Tuko.co.ke is one of the fastest growing online news outlets in the country. The owner has other sister websites in Ghana and Nigeria. The site offers entertainment news, music videos, and politics. They also have a “Live scores’ section for sports lovers.

The Official Tuko News Kenya Website

Tuko.co.ke WhoIS info
Tuko.co.ke WhoIS info

Anytime you try looking up over your search engine; there is a likelihood that you will get millions of results. Note that the official website domain is not Tuko.Com- it’s ‘Tuko.co.ke.’

The domain name ID is 225613-KENIC, and it’s registered under the Kenic.or.ke servers. Kenic is the primary registrant of .ke domains. The website is registered under Georgios Vlachou.

Google searches
Tuko Google Search results

Tuko Meaning

Tuko is a Swahili word that means “We are there,” “We are here” or “We are.” It tries to bring people together. For a platform that mainly concentrates on bringing Kenyans from different backgrounds together, it’s a great domain name!

How to Download the Tuko news App on your Mobile Phone

Do you want to know how to download the App? Well, it is evident it’s one of the most popular mobile apps in Kenya. Almost everyone who owns a smartphone has installed it already.

As your phone suggests, download it straight from the App Store. In most cases, downloads made outside the official mobile app stores are risky. They could contain malware or spyware- and, that is the last thing you want for your phone!

There’s an app version for every kind of phone that you have. Well, most people in Kenya run on the Android Operating System. If you do, you’ll need to search out the “Kenya News: TUKO Hot & Breaking News Free App” in the Google Play repository. Alternatively, you can use this link.

If you’re using an iPhone, get the Tuko iOS app from iTunes using this link. However, they haven’t made one for Microsoft’s Windows OS.

With the app, you can catch the latest breaking news! Also, it is easy for you to navigate the website. The mobile application lets you access the features, in a beautiful interface and impeccable user-experience. So, you do not have to hassle up your way like in the case of the web version. Again, the mobile app pushes notifications to your phone anytime there is something new on the website.

Organization and Coding of the Tuko Website

K favicon
Tuko.co.ke and Kenyans.co.ke share K favicon

Also, the site has a favicon K- it has colors of the Kenyans flag. A favicon is the picture of the website- which is the Tuko Logo, found on the tab area of your browser. The K logo is the reason many people believe the site is related to Kenyans.co.ke. Or what’s the difference anyway?!

The website is secured using the ISRG CPS v2.5 SSL certificate from the Linux Foundation. No one has complained formally about the compromise of his or her data!


Every time you log onto the site, you get a list of articles that you may like. In the form of a pop-up, the website brings you some of the posts that could interest you. In most cases, the pop up comes just when you want to leave the site.

So, it ensures you can stay a little longer on the web. The pop-ups can be buggy for most users, but it’s a web designer’s way to make you read more websites before you close their tab.

Tuko Push Notifications

If you want to receive notifications about the latest posts, you can enable them on your browser. Whether you are using Firefox, UPC, or Chrome, you can get the notifications anytime. The browser notifications are prompted the first time you log onto the platform. Then, they ask you if you want to receive the notifications. If the instant notifications become stubborn, you can disable them anytime.

Tuko Made in Kenya

This is one of the most popular categories on the website. Here, you find the classifieds. The subdomain mainly features sponsored posts. So, if you want to promote your business or website, you might want to try there. The URL path for this category is https: //specials.tuko.co.ke/MadeInKe-main.


If you want to catch the most recent posts, you can log on to https://tuko.co.ke/latest/. The ‘Latest’ category has all the posts made today. Also, you can find the Breaking news on this category.

Plus, Tuko also majors on helping Kenyans do online stuff. They have a “how to” section that tells their visitors how to do things. For instance, you may find how to file KRA returns, Huduma Namba online registration among other things.


Politics is the category that brings you all Kenyan political theatrics. Here, you can find anything that politicians say over the weekend. Also, the section has some of the most popular videos and speeches made by Kenyan politicians. You don’t want to miss out on how the opposition is exposing corruption in the government, do you? Thus, head on to https://tuko.co.ke/politics/.


If you love the Kenyan or East African Showbiz, then, Entertainment is a good place to be. Apart from bringing you the latest music videos, the editors use this category to crack your ribs. It also brings lists such as the most beautiful socialites in Kenya. Also, gossip is packed on https ://tuko.co.ke/arts-and-entertainment/.

Tuko News Swahili

Are you a Kiswahili enthusiast? Or, would you love to catch some thrilling Swahili stories? The Kiswahili News reports all the exciting stories and breaking news in the Swahili language. ‘Kwa hivyo, ukitaka habari kwa luhga ya Kiswahili, basi nenda kwa mtandao, tuvuti ya https://swahili.tuko.co.ke/.”

Tuko LiveScore

If you love sports and betting, you need to be active on Livescore website! Live Score brings you match highlights as they happen. Also, the section lets you bet wisely by ensuring you get today’s matches with the goals as they happen. The Livescore page receives feeds from Naij.com- which is their sister website in Nigeria.

Submit Video

If you want to trend a video, just submit to the site. It is simple- the page has information to guide you through the process of sending your video. Noteworthy, the Submit Video redirects to scrip.google.com. So, that’s where you upload your video. But, the URL is too long to paste here!

Fighting Al-Shabaab

Kenyans are at war with radical Islamist terrorists Al Shabaab. And, a whole page/category is dedicated to this. On the Al Shabaab page, they address several issues in the war on terror. So, they report a detailed account of the war. If you want to know how the Kenya Defense Forces KDF are defeating terrorists, check it out at https://tuko.co.ke/alshabaab/.

Social Media

Tuko Facebook Page
Tuko Facebook Page

The news platform has millions of followers on its social platforms. For instance, the Facebook page is verified already, and, as of 2019, it had more than 2.8 million likes, making it one of the most popular Kenya Facebook pages. So, find Kenya Breaking News Now on the following platforms.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/tuko.co.ke/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl6ICaB9meBcSMQ5Zmr446g

Twitter: @Tuko_co_ke- https://twitter.com/Tuko_co_ke


Postal Address: Westlands Office Park, Waiyaki Way, P.O Box 63657-00619, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: 0204441810, or +254711438908

Email: news@tuko.co.ke or marketing@tuko.co.ke

Unsubscribe Tuko SMS

Are you receiving obstinate breaking news alerts from 40227? It means you subscribed to Tuko’s premium messages. They’re a little too expensive, and you may want to unsubscribe. It’s easy- follow the following steps.

  • Dial *100# on PrePay (ordinary customers) or *200# for PostPay
  • Choose Premium Rate Services
  • Now, in Premium Services, choose “My Subscriptions.”
  • You’ll find all the services you’ve subscribed. Choose 40227 Tuko Breaking News
  • You’ve just unsubscribed from the service that drains your money!

For more information about how to move out of expensive SMS services, check out this article.

Similar Websites

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Tuko Advertise

Made in Kenya
Tuko Made in Kenya

The website receives high traffic- and, it is suitable for advertisers. So, when you ever want to market your site or products, contact them. The website has a unique domain to guide advertisers. You can have your banners placed on the website. Their prices start at 50,000 KES ($500) for a video or PR article. If you need to push your products on the platform, head to the http: //corp.tuko.co.ke/.

Verdict on Tuko.co.ke Review

In brief, Tuko is one of the most popular Kenya websites. Their App is efficient and pushes RSS feeds right to your phone! So, anytime you need to catch the breaking news in Kenya, the site should be a go-to platform.

But, that does not mean Tuko.co.ke does not have its downside though. The logo looks plagiarized- or shared with Kenyans.Co.Ke. It may also be a concern that Kenyans do not directly own the website. The local news service belongs to the same people who own Naija.com.

Some users complain of the ‘too many’ notifications and pop-ups. Well, the best thing is that all these issues can be solved- you can disable notifications anytime!

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