The Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) has sent a warning to students benefiting or planning to benefit from the board’s funding to be cautious of fraudsters claiming to help them process loans quickly.

The board’s Chief Executive Officer Charles Ringera noted that there are people masquerading as officers working with the students loaning board going round the country with intention of conning unsuspecting students.

“There are people going round soliciting money from students in pretense they can assist them access Helb services,” said the CEO.

Ringera clarified that loan application services offered by the board are free and cautioned against individual asking for money to help them get Helb services.

He advised students to personally access the agency’s services and complete loan application forms through the board’s official website.

The officer further asked students to be patient since treasury is yet to release the funds adding that they have communicated with management of various universities to allow eligible students register as they process the funds.


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