Non political richest people in Kenya

Kenya’s richest dollar billionaires! The richest can build SGR alone with his wealth. Here’s a list of business people who have made it in life without engaging in politics.

Millions of people across the world want to know; “Who is the richest person in Kenya?” The wealthiest Kenyans, to the shock of many, are not necessarily the much-praised politicians. Instead, they are some wealthy traders. Those in the list have dedicated their lives to wealth creation. The money each has made legally is used to come up with the following list. Here are the names of people on the list of the richest people in Kenya.

Non political richest people in Kenya
Richest people in Kenya who made their money from business

10 Abdulkadir Ghedi ($87M)

The patriotic Kenyan is wealthier than any legislator in the Parliament today! Abdukadir has invested much in the construction sector. If you ever buy any bag of cement from Athi River Mining, know you are the reason Abdukadir Ghedi is on the list of Kenya’s richest men! One of the Richest Kenyans, Ghedi’s wealth is estimated at $87M (Kes. 8.7Bn).

9 Jimnah Mbaru

Many know him as a failed Nairobi politician. But there’s more than just that! Jimnah Mbaru could be one of the wealthiest creatures on African soil! He is mostly concerned with stakes in different companies. At the Nairobi Stock Exchange, Jimnah Mbaru is a force to reckon with. Through his Dyer and Blair brokerage firm, Jimnah has been able to penetrate in BritAm with a significant stake. He also owns a large part in Transcentury Group. He’s 9th on the Richest Kenyans list!

8 Atul Shah

This mogul owns the Nakumatt Supermarket. At least, you would never have known him before the terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall. And that’s what real rich people to- keep a low profile! Atul Shah occupies the 8th position of the Richest Kenyans!

7 Makuha Kago and Family

You like Naivas, right? Every time you visit the shop from the supermarket, you have just made the Makuha Kago’s family wealthier! Makuha’s wealth allows him to be part of the list of the Richest Kenyans!

6 Peter Munga Kahangara ($100m)

The Chairman of the Equity Bank is so rich he could pay all members of parliament for several years. Owning more than $100M, he invests in real estate, banking and many more.

5 James Mwangi $200 M

The CEO of Equity Bank Limited owns the highest individual stake in the leading African bank. At 3.45%, James Mwangi has been able to amass more than Kes. 4.46Bn ($44.6M). Mwangi also has a large stake in Britam, where he owns more than $6.262M (Kes. 626.2M) worth of shares. In total, James Mwangi has more than $200M (Kes. 20Bn).

4 Chris Kirubi $270M-$300M

Simple as the eldest DJ in Kenya could be, Kirubi, also known as Dj CK is stinking rich. His wealth comes from owning stakes in the media, banking etc. He owns Haco Tiger Brands, Two Rivers Mall, Centum Group and Capital Media Group Kenya. He is estimated at $300m (Kes. 30Bn).

4 Manu Chandaria $270 M

The Chairman of the Comcraft Group of companies is estimated to have more than $270M in wealth. Chandaria is a renowned philanthropist whose foundation covers the Chandaria Cancer centres across the country. He invests in Mabati Rollings, Kaluworks, Uganda Baati, United States International University (USIU) etc.

3 Naushad Merali $530 Million

This silent but vibrant entrepreneur owns the Sameer Group Africa. While most people know Sameer Group deals in car parts and tires, the company also heavily invests in agriculture, IT, banking, construction and real estate. You remember KenCell telecommunication? Naushad was the founder! His wealth is estimated at $370- $530 Million (kes. 37-53Bn)

2 Bhimji Depar Shah $750M

Kenya’s second most affluent person is, shockingly, the least known! Bhimji Depar Shah is a Nairobi based investor who has wealth in nearly all sectors of the Kenyan economy. His wealth is estimated at around $750M (Kes. 75Bn)

1 Vimal Shah $1.44Bn: Top On The Richest People in Kenya!

Whenever you purchase any consumer good from BidCo, know you have just made Vimal Shah richer! He is not only the CEO of BidCo but also owns the King’s share. While the Forbes magazine estimates Vimal’s wealth at 0.68Bn, the New World Wealth says it could be Kes $1.44Bn (Kes. 144Bn). Vimal Shah is, as of today, the richest Kenyan!

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  1. But the richest person by all means is former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. You can try to paint business people as the richest in Kenya, but certainly, politicians dominate the list of the wealthiest people in Kenya. Sorry but that means the Kenya is a very corrupt country where the private citizens always loses the battle to public servants due to corruption and looting public money. What a pity!

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