Richest Kenyan pastors

See the complete list of richest Kenyan pastors here. The most influential and popular church ministers net worth and things they own, investments, land, and bishops money in the bank…everything about the richest pastors in Kenya.

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Kenya is a great country with a wide democratic space for everyone and every Kenyan has the freedom of worship. This means that everybody can just wake up and become a pastor or start their own religion and the law has no problem with that as long as they’re registered and doing it within the legal jurisdictions. In the same way, a lot of dominations have come up where people worship with different pastors.

Richest Kenyan pastors
Wealthy pastors in Kenya and their networth, investments, cars, estates etc

And following the rise of private and charismatic churches, many pastors around the country have become rich. The material wealth normally comes up from the tithe as well as the church businesses and offerings. And, although Kenyans don’t have enough information about how rich their pastors are it is very easy to estimate that given by their posh cars and estates as well as the businesses they operate.

Read on to find out how rich your church minister is. So here is a list of the top 10 richest Kenyan pastors.

1. Pastor Paul Kamlesh Pattni ($650 million)

The first time people heard about brother Paul also known as Kamlesh Pattni was in the 90s during the multi-billion Goldenberg scandal. The businessman was taken to court for allegedly participating in the Goldenberg Scandal. What shook the majority of people is that by 2009 the Hindu billionaire shifted from his origin and converted into Christianity where he took the name, Paul.

Kamlesh Pattni Wealthiest Kenyan Gospel Minister
Brother Paul Kamlesh Pattni Richest Pastor in Kenya

Kamlesh Patni was born in 1965 in Mombasa to a Hindu family system it was in 2013 that he denounced he was even converted to Christianity after he was acquitted of his Goldenberg scandal charges. He was then baptized into brother Paul and then formed his own church known as Hope International. The church has branches around the country with headquarters in Nairobi.

Kamlesh Pattni was always a rich businessman and is actually one of the few billionaires in Kenya. He’s one of the richest people and he actually owned the Grand Regency now known as Laico Regency which he surrendered to the government in 2011. The hotel was valued at almost 6 billion Kenya Shillings.

Recently, Pattni bought out the International Casino complex in Nairobi at a whooping Kes 1.2 Bn.

Then in 2013, Kamlesh Pattni was acquitted of these charges and he ventured into politics whereby he came up with the Kenya National Democratic Alliance party with which he unsuccessfully vied for the Westlands parliamentary seat in 2013 and 2007.

Brother Paul Kamlesh Patni is a family man as well as the main pastor of Hope International Church. Also, he ranks among the most famous and wealthiest pastors in Nairobi with a huge following of congregants. Reports have stated that Kamlesh Mansukhlal Pattni does not exempt tithes and offerings in his church and instead pays people for attending his services.

Kamlesh Pattni is about Ksh. 65 billion rich ($650 million), placing him at the top of the list of the wealthiest Church ministers in Kenya.

2. Bishop Allan Kiuna and Rev Kathy Kiuna ($36 million)

When talking about the richest pastors in Kenya, there’s no way you can forget to mention this lavish couple. The founders of the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) already have a lot of influence in the Nairobi city as well as around the country.

Alln Kiuna Cathy Kiuna Richest poastors Musicians in Kenya
Allan Cathy Kiuna are also the richest Kenyan musicians

Some of their major branches include Garissa, Kitengela, Nakuru to Kisumu, Mombasa, and Machakos. Recently, the couple also opened branches international is in London, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas, and Johannesburg in South Africa.

The JCC church couple has always been at the center of ridicule and criticism from social media users in Kenya due to the flash lifestyles that they often like to display. But, their wealth stems deeply into the handsome influences and incomes that they received in their ministry.

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For instance, Bishop and Kiuna and Rev Kathy Kiuna already have a private jet among other lavish cars. Their net worth is estimated at around Ksh. 3.6 billion ($36 million).

“Mum and Dad”, as they are known by their congregants, have a lot of money and their riches can be shown in owning a private jet that costs $20.6 million as well as other fuel gases and posh motorcycles. A Mercedes-Benz Range Rover Sports and motorbikes form part of their entourage. The couple has a massive house with a stunning swimming pool with manicured lawns and is estimated at Ksh. 200 million ($2 million) in Karen.

These socialites couple claims to have found their wealth from selling books on Amazon and other platforms. Well, the books rake in lots of cash they also received more than KSh. 5 million per service from their 10,000 congregants.

3. Bishop Mark Kariuki- $26 million

For more than 10 years now, Bishop Mark Kariuki has graced the television for his televangelism campaigns. The overseer of the Deliverance Church is considered one of the richest men of God in Kenya.

Televangelist Bishop Mark Kariuki
Richest Kenyan Televangelist, Mark Kariuki

At least, many Kenyans came close to understanding the extent of the ministers riches during his wedding attended by 6000 invitees at the Kasarani gymnasium. The bishop has investments in the king’s Academy school, Homologeo Industries, King’s Medical Centre, and poultry as well as tailoring and textiles Industries. Bishop Mark Kariuki’s wealth is estimated at Ksh 2.6 billion ($26 million).

4. Prophet Dr David Owuor ($25 million)

It goes without a doubt that the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness founder Prophet Doctor David Owuor is one of the richest pastors in Kenya. The thoroughly learned prophet has been in the limelight for his bossy and classy entourage that bullies people around the streets.

Richest Kenyan Pastors: Prophet David Owuor
Richest Most Educated Popular Kenyan Pastor Prophet Dr David Owour

Prophet Dr David Owuor was born in 1966 to Margaret Ochieng and Hezekiah in a large family of 6 girls and 3 boys. He went ahead to school at the Siaya Wambasa Primary School, Mbale Senior Secondary School, and St Peter Tororo.

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The Kenyan pastor then went to the Makerere University for a bachelor of science Degree and after graduating there, he proceeded to the University of Nairobi where he graduated in 1988 with a master’s degree. Prophet David Owuor then proceeded to enroll his Ph.D. studies in Molecular Genetics Science of the future at Ben-Gurion University in Negev Israel.

He then pursued Biochemical Genetics and specialized in DNA Sequencing at Haifa University before proceeding to the University Of Chicago Centre Of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology for Transduction studies.

For many years, he lectured at the University Dentistry and medicine in New Jersey. It was in 2003 that he quit his job and concentrated on preaching after allegedly receiving a dream message.

The prophet Dr David Owuor lives a lavish lifestyle with a lot of money and high-end motorcade. In 2014, after visiting Congo Brazzaville, the country’s president Denis Sassou Nguesso accepted Christ and gave him a ride back to Kenya aboard the Republic of Congo Presidential jet.

His motor entourage consists of a Range Rover Sport and a Mercedes S500 that cost 15 and 25 million respectively. Prophet David also has an expensive house in Runda Mumwe Estate. The rent for this house is somewhere to the north of Ksh. 450,000 Kenya Shillings. The prophet’s overall net worth is estimated at around 2.5 billion ($25 million).

5. Pastor Teresia Wairimu- ($23 million)

Should we start talking about her direct interaction and partnerships with the international Reverend Reinhard Bonnke? Or should we talk about President Uhuru Kenyatta opening her 1 billion Faith Evangelistic Ministries Family Church in Nairobi?

Richest Kenyan Pastors: Networth of Teresiah Wairimu Kinjanjui
Networth of Teresiah Wairimu Kinjanjui
Whichever way you want us to start discussing Rev Teresa Wairimu Kinyanjui, we’ll still find that she has been in the ministry for several decades now. During the opening of her church, she invited lots of guests among them President Uhuru Kenyatta, Rev Reinhard Bonnke as well as Pastor Solly Mahlangu.

Pastors Allan and Kathy Kiuna have often referred to Pastor Teresa Wairimu as their personal mentor and you can be sure that her wealth knows no boundary by now. The net worth of Evangelist Teresia Wairimu is estimated at 2.3 billion ($23 million).

6. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru ($20 million)

Bishop Margret Wanjiru
Richest Kenyan pastor and politician
If you’re looking for the biggest churches in Nairobi then you will not work for so long without finding Jesus is alive Ministries. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru is a former assistant minister and Starehe Member of Parliament whose net worth is so large that it wowed Kenyans when she decided to deals a church building along the Haile Selassie Avenue in the Nairobi CBD.

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While she unsuccessfully contested for the governorship of Nairobi City County in previous elections, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s son Stephen Kariuki won the Mathare constituency member of Parliament. Her wealth is estimated to be around Kes. 2bn ($20 million).

7. Pastor Pius Muiru ($14 million)

The Maximum Miracle Centre Bishop came to the limelight in the late 90s for his televised Kuna Nuru Gizani Christian Crusades and campaigns since he became one of the most popular pastors of his time and his congregants would fill an entire Stadium just to listen to him and watch him perform miracles.

Pastor Pius Muiru Kuna Nuru Gizani Networth
Televangelist Pastor Pius Muiru Kuna Nuru Gizani and Maximum Miracle Center ranks among Kenya’s richest pastors

In 2007, televangelist Pius Muiru vied for the Kenyan presidential position unsuccessfully. It is believed that the campaigns so he’ll get more than 100 million from his followers who supported him to the end. Pastor Pius Muiru’s net worth is estimated at around 1.4 billion ($14 million).

8. Apostle Kimani Paul ($12 million)

Another newcomer in the list of Kenya’s richest pastors in Kenya is the proprietor of the MBCI TV and radio as well as the Kingdom Seekers Cathedral in Nakuru. The church has lots of branches around the country; but, the headquarters of Nakuru town where the church has a 7000 capacity Cathedral worth more than Kes 400 million.

John Kimani Williams richest pastors in Nakuru Kenya
Pastor John Kimani William is Nakuru’s wealthiest bishop

Apostle Kimani Williams also owns the Radio and TV which he broadcasts his preaching and church proceedings. The Church apparently has lots of other investments including a skyscraper in Nakuru town. Apostle Kimani William’s wealth is estimated at 12 billion ($12 million).

9. Reverend Mwai Jesus Winner Ministries ($11 million)

One of the most underrated newcomers to the list of the richest Kenyan pastors, Reverend Mwai Kiongo of Jesus Winner Ministries. He has his main church in Roysambu in Nairobi near Kasarani and has gained a lot of traction in the recent past especially after hosting lots of the who is who in the political arena.

Edward Mwai Kiongo, richest pastor in Roysambu
Edward Mwai Kiongo, the richest pastor in Roysambu

The bishop is known for having hosted President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto for their last church service a few days before the 2017 August 8th general elections. Also, he hosted them just a few months before they assumed power in 2013.

Bishop Edward Mwai Kiongo of Jesus winner ministry recently surprised a lot of people when he decided to buy Uchumi land in Kasarani at 2.8bn Kenya Shillings. His networth is estimated at around 1.1 Bn ($11 million).

10. Pastor Thomas Wahome ($11 million)

The bishop of the Helicopter Ministries is one of the richest pastors in Kenya but keeps a low profile. He’s little known and normally stays silent, only coming out to the media when there is need. But that doesn’t mean he is without money.

Helicopter Ministries Thomas Wahome Networth
Helicopter Ministries Thomas Wahome Networth

In fact, you on high-end vehicles including a Range Rover Sport that costs 20 million and lives in luxurious Mansion worth more Ksh. 50 million. Recently, pastor Thomas was involved in a lawsuit filed by his wife demanded 500,000 Kenya Shillings upkeep. Helicopter Ministries’ pastor’s net worth is around Kes 1.1 billion ($11 million).

11. Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a ($11 million)

Away from the controversy that is always following him on social media, Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a, the founder of Neno Evangelism Centre is one of the richest Bishops in Kenya. In estimations, his weekly earnings range between Ke’s 1 and 1.5 million from his church.

Richest Kenyan Pastors Bishop James Maina Ng'ang;a
Bishop Pastor Maina Ng’anga Neno Evangelism Networth

He has also confessed to dealing with other businesses that bring in a lot of money. Normally, Maina Nganga drives a BMW, Range Rover Sport amongst other high-end vehicles.  The pastor also owns Sasa TV that broadcasts most of his church proceedings. His wealth is estimated at 1.1 billion ($11 million).

12. Maina Njenga ($10.1 million)

As a former leader of the outlawed Mungiki sect, this Bishop Maina Njenga lives large. After quitting the sect, Maina co-founded the Hope International Ministries Church in Kitengela. His investments range from Real Estate to other enterprises.

Bishop Maina Njenga Richest pastors in Kenya
Bishop Maina Njenga wealthy ex Mungiki leader Networth

His land is estimated to be about 30000 acres distributed in major towns including Nairobi, Kajiado, Mombasa, Nyandarua County, Nairobi, Kitengela, and Nakuru. Maina Njenga’s wealth is around 1.01 billion ($10.1 million).

13. Pastor Victor Kanyari ($8 million)

Pastor Victor Kanyari is known to be one rich Kenyan Bishop especially through his panda mbegu initiative in which he convinced his people and congregants to send him money on MPesa. Pastor Victor Kanyari sprang up to the limelight after he was exposed for selling fake miracles on national TV.

Pastor Victor Kanyari- richest Kenyan pastors
Pastor Victor Kanyari- richest Kenyan pastors

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It’s said that we sold miracles to and detecting followers who would send him money in return for choreographed miracles is so but this has not deterred pastor Victor Kanyari from gaining a lot of wells and establishing a lot of businesses. Under his name, the pastor has a multi-million palace along Kangundo Road and he never hides away from showing off his affluence. Victor Kanyari’s networth is estimated at 800 million ($8 million).

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