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Find other online shopping websites in Kenya like Jumia. How to buy online in Kenya via e-commerce sites. These online shops allow you to buy phones, clothes, electronics, food, eBooks, and anything else. Orders are delivered at your door in hours! We’ve compiled the best shops in Kenya just for you!

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Online shopping sites are the new go-to marketplaces for millions of Kenyans. According to the Standard Newspaper, Kenyans are 30% more actively involved in buying stuff from the internet than any other country in the African continent. Jumia, for instance, records most of its sales from Kenya, and not Ghana or Nigeria where it started.

“Kenyans place 30% more orders on Jumia than in any other country where the e-commerce site operates”, reports the paper.

The Standard Newspaper

Let’s face it- shopping can be fantastic for young people, but as you grow older, you lose the psyche of hauling items from a busy supermarket. The worst part is traveling to the town to queue for 15 minutes to get your purchase cleared!

We’ve all experienced moments when table salt and sugar drains out just because we were too lazy to buy in time. Don’t even pretend you haven’t run out of commodities just because you forgot to do shop in time!

To say the least, nothing would bless the day more than a way to shop at the comfort of your sofa via the best online shopping websites in Kenya!

Kenyan malls haven’t evolved the level of Amazon. The world’s largest eCommerce platform allows you to pick stuff from the mall without having to the lineup or use cash. Amazon Go is an evolutional supermarket technology currently operational in Seattle and other cities in the USA where you pick items at a supermarket and go! I’ll tell you about it in another day, but for now, you can get some inspiration by looking at this video:

For now, let’s deal with what we have. Here’s a list of the top 10 best online shopping websites in Kenya.

Top General Online Shopping Websites in Kenya (Jumia Alternatives)

Jumia is the king of online shops in Kenya. But, there are so many other websites like Jumia. Here are some of them:

Jumia Kenya

There’s a reason why Jumia is Kenya’s top eCommerce website! They offer convenient services that are buyer-oriented. Their products range from food, clothes, electronics, computers, phones, gaming consoles, and even cars.

Jumia Kenya Review
Jumia Logo (edited).

Recently, Jumia opened Travel, Flights, and real estate services. They’ll bring food to your office for lunch at an affordable price. You just need to order right away! Also, the online hypermarket is one of the most popular Kenyan websites due to the high number of people who want to buy stuff from there. You can check out our dedicated and detailed Jumia Kenya review.

Literally, they are the Amazon of Africa in so many ways. You see their latest offers here.

Kilimall- best oline shopping websites in Kenya
Kilimall is one of Kenya’s top websites, and certainly, a competitor for best online shopping in Kenya platforms

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on Jumia, then you can skip to Kilimall. It’s the best Jumia alternative you can find! They offer a wide range of products and an incredibly low price. The items they sell range from electronics, furniture, personal care products as well as utensils. Kilimall has the cheapest TVs, phones, and clothes. Yet, all these items look stunning. Killmall ships most of their products from China.

AmanBo is one of Kenya's top online shopping websites
AmanBo is one of Kenya’s top online shopping websites

Though less popular than Kilimall or Jumia, AmanBo is one of the pioneers of online shopping in Africa. They sell a variety of items from foodstuffs to clothes and electronics. Their shipping takes three to seven days, just like at Jumia.

Kenyan Online Marketplaces

Some eCommerce stores in Kenya allow users to meet with their target customers and buy items from real people. the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) markets include Facebook groups, WhatsApp, OLX,, and Pigia Me.

OLX Kenya

OLX also known as Kenya's top online marketplace or OLX Kenya is the country’s best online peer to peer marketplace

When you want to do peer to peer business, OLX is the first stop! The shopping platform lets users meet online and then trade with each other. Trading in is easy you just need to create an account and start posting your ads!

You can buy and sell anything on the site, literally. As long as you think you’re safe meeting with the other person and you aren’t doing anything illegal, you’re good to go!

It’s worth noting that most of the products on OLX are second hand. But, that also means their prices are affordable. In fact, OLX is the cheapest online shop in Kenya! Plus, the fact that the marketplace operates on a peer-to-peer basis means you have a limitless room to bargain.

OLX is actually one of the most popular websites in Kenya.

Recently, OLX Kenya announced they’ll be changing into for a better, more efficient eCommerce site that can compete favorably with Jumia and other online shops.

Pigia Me

Pigia Me - one of Kenya's best P2P online marketplaces
Pigia Me – one of Kenya’s best P2P online marketplaces

Just like OLX, Pigia Me is a marketplace. Here, you find clients who want to consume your services or products. It’s upon the two of you to arrange on the payments and shipping procedures. is a classifieds-based website where people who want to sell stuff meet with those who want to buy.

Specialized Online Shops in Kenya

Some online shops in Kenya stick to specific lanes. They sell specific items and target a specific group of customers. Here’re some of them:

Cheki: Buy a car online in Kenya
You can buy a car at

Are you planning to buy a car soon? Cheki is Kenya’s top destination for car buyers and sellers. Yes, you can buy a car online! The platform is similar to OLX- you meet the buyer and get your car. They advertise your car, get a buyer and then you pay them some commission.

Cheki also operates in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. So, if you need to export or import cars from those countries, you already have a clue!

Buy electronics and household appliances from ElectroHub- one of Kenya's best e-commerce
Buy electronics and household appliances from ElectroHub- one of Kenya’s best e-commerce

If you want to buy electronics in Kenya, you may want to try the ElecroHub specialists. The Kenyan ecommerce site only sells appliances, phones, TVs, sound systems and other electronic stuff. I’m sure men will love this platform!

Shop books online in Kenya at
Buy books online at

What about an online bookshop? Well, that’s precisely what Muthurwa is! You find all sorts of books and eBooks at the website. They sell everything- from architectural house designs to class notes and revision materials. If you want to read about something, or you need a skill earnestly, it’s undoubtedly going to be on Muthurwa eBook store!

Mama Mikes

Let those who you love know it by sending them a gift hamper from The online store offers cakes, flowers, and other “romantic” gifts. It’s been termed as one of the “most unique online shops in Kenya.”

Buying cakes online in kenya at Mama Mikes
Buy cakes, flowers and romantic gifts online in Kenya at Mama Mikes

Here, you can purchase shopping vouchers for your loved ones.  Also, you can pay your monthly rent, water, and electricity bills on this platform.

Mama Mike’s strongest point is probably her customer support. You can speak to an agent right on the phone and even place your order on WhatsApp.

Formerly known as, Shopit has established itself as a leading platform where you can buy electronics online in Kenya. The store has everything electronic- from phones, computers, TVs, flash disks to refrigerators and other appliances.

Sky Garden

Buy Trendy items online in Kenya via Sky.Garden
Buy Trendy items online in Kenya via Sky.Garden

Sky Garden is one of the best places to buy trendy items. If you are thinking about a generic Kenya uniform-type of cloth or electronic, this is not your place!

But, you want to explore novelty, then you should certainly see what they offer. I’m currently ordering an exquisite gun-like lighter I saw them selling. I hate matchboxes and sticks, and I hope the lighter will be a kick off to reinvent my kitchenware.

Online Shopping Kenyan Websites That Support Amazon MPesa

If you have experience delays refusal, especially when trying to buy stuff from US or UK based stores, try the following:

Mall for Africa

Have you ever tried to buy online from eBay, Alibaba or Amazon and it hit you that shipping was so tricky? Or did they ever tell you that the items you so badly needed to buy were “not available for your country”?

Mall for Africa kenya reveiws: One of the best online shopping websites! Buy and ship items from overseas, eBay, Amazon, Walmatt, Alibaba, etc.
Mall for Africa Kenya reviews: One of the best online shopping websites! Buy and ship items from overseas, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, etc.

Well, brings good news. You can buy items on the internet through their website and leave the rest to them. They have an app and browser extension that helps you access and purchase products from overseas.

Vitu Mob

Vitu mob online shopping website
Vitu mob eCommerce site

Just like Mall for Africa, Vitu Mob allows customers to buy from Amazon, eBay and other international online shopping stores. You can install their extension, and they’ll be there to help you with the shipping and another arrangement whenever you buy on the internet.

UK Duka

UK Dukas ecommerce website
UK Dukas ecommerce site- one of Kenyans best online shops

Like the other two Kenyan online shops above, UK Duka helps people to import items from Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Walmart and other international e-commerce platforms. UK Duka specializes in purchases made from stores based in the United Kingdom.

Real Estate eCommerce Websites in Kenya- Buy houses and Land online in Kenya

Buy Rent Kenya

Buy rent Kenya: Top eCommerce sites for real estate
Buy land or houses in Kenya through this eCommerce website

If you are planning to buy land or houses in Kenya, then you should try this e-commerce website. They are straightforward- you search for the location and type of property you want to buy, and they’ll give you a quote. In most cases, the property is posted by realtors who are advertising their homes or land.

How to Pay for Items you Buy Via Kenyan online shopping

One of the greatest hindrances to smooth operations for eCommerce sites in Kenya is trust issues. Kenyans just don’t trust people they meet online (or anywhere else).

At The Guide Kenya’s online cybercafé, we’ve had this experience first-hand. It takes time before a client sends money to acquire the service. But, with time, our customers have confirmed our legitimacy and are now willing to pay for Tax, Passports, Visas, and Booking services before we process them.

But you can’t blame them. Kenyans have been scammed several times on the internet. From Ponzi schemes such as Publik Likes to Deci, MMMs, AIM GLOBAL, etc, you’d certainly expect them to be a little more cautious.

So, when it comes to paying online, I always advise that you use PayPal and Payoneer. You see, these two “online banks” first hold the money until you receive the product. Once you have it, you then authorize a “go-ahead.”

And, if you are buying from another person that you don’t trust, get an escrow. is one of the most excellent wallet you can use. You give them your money, and they hold the item you’re buying online. Then, when you receive the item, you signal them to release the funds. Thus, the business is safe for both the buyer and the seller!

Anyway, here are methods used by Kenyans to pay items they buy from online shopping sites:


Founded in the late 90s by part of the crew that created Google, PayPal is the world’s best advanced and most secure way of sending money. It’s your top-stop payment gateway for buying to buying goods and services online.

PayPal is an online bank that keeps your money. You can use their wallet to send or receive money from any part of the world.

One of the advantages of using PayPal to shop online is that they hold your money until you receive your ordered items. Then, once you get it, you confirm to send the money.

And, if you buy faulty items and you need a refund, PayPal will initiate a cashback from the seller so that you can get your money back. You now know why it’s the world’s most popular money remission service!

Sign up here to start buying from online shopping websites in Kenya using PayPal.


Payoneer is the most popular PayPal alternative that you can use to shop online. It works pretty much the same as PayPal. In most countries where PayPal is not available, Payoneer fills the gap. These include the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa.


MPesa is the most convenient phone banking system in the world. Yes; Kenyans are the world’s leading mobile bankers! Do I really need to explain how to pay for online purchases through MPesa? I don’t think so. But, maybe, a nerd out there wants to learn:

Go to your MPesa Menu

  • Choose the Till Number of the organization you wish to buy items from.
  • Enter Amount
  • Click send
  • Confirm.

Direct Banking, Credit and Debit Cards

What about when you do not have money on your PayPal or MPesa, and you need to make a purchase during the Black Friday rush? Don’t worry- you can use your ATM card! Just link it to the payment gateway. Remember to keep your info – identity theft is the world’s most common form of cybercrime.

Cash on Delivery

As one of the pioneer online shopping websites in Kenya, Jumia realized that we Kenyans have lots of trust issues. So, they allowed customers to order for items on the internet and then pay for them when they’re delivered. Now, you pay for what you see and touch! If you like it, you keep it and give the money.


In short, there are numerous online shops in Kenya from where you can buy electronics, TVs, clothes and even land or property. Jumia sits at the apex of the best Kenyan online shops, but; there are lots of other ecommerce websites to choose from.

You don’t have to struggle at a huge Naivas mall queuing for bread and butter. Just order their products online. Yes- Naivas, Nakumatt, and Tuskys all sell their products on Jumia and other online shopping websites in Kenya. So, you can order and get your shopping right at your door!

And, if you have any troubles buying from eBay, Amazon, Walmart or Alibaba, let Mall for Africa, Vitu Mob or UK Duka assist you.

Above all, remember to use the safest payment methods. In Kenya, every online shop readily supports MPesa as that’s the county’s signature money-exchange method. But, you can also use PayPal, Payoneer or your Debit/Credit cards.

Any questions? Let me hear you out below…

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