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Here is the latest of Kenya daily post gossip, Paily Post Kenya Moja latest news, Daily Post Kenyan politics and a full analysis of the Daily Post Kenya website, www. Kenyan-Post.Com!

Huduma Namba

The Kenyan Daily Post (or Kenya Post) is one of Kenya’s most popular websites. It is not only the best political gossip site, but also one that borrows heavily from the style of the UK’s Daily Mirror and the Jewish News. Though many say that the Daily Post Kenyan Politics reporting genre is more of propaganda, it is sure that they base their stories some bit of truth.

Kenyan Post Gossip is considered some of the most entertaining content you can find on a Kenyan website! It’s easy to think Daily Post Kenya Moja is the same site. But; they are quite different. Here are more facts you must know about Daily Post Kenya.

The Kenyan Daily Post Website

Long before Kenyans knew Twitter, or Facebook, they were on the Kenya Daily Post site. They thronged there for the ‘fifth’ estate news. This is the reason why the Daily Post Kenya website has remained a commanding online destination for Kenyans.

Alexa has ranked Kenyan-Post.Com as one of the top ten most visited Kenyan websites several times between 2011 and 2017. The site has many categories to suit their audiences: from entertainment, to news and gossip.

The Kenyan Daily Post Gossip

Gossip sells better than hot cake among most Kenyans. And it seems the Kenyan website knows this pretty well. They are one of Kenya’s finest gossipers.

Probably, only Ghafla levels the Kenya Daily Post Gossip! But while Daily Post mostly deals in politics and selected gossips, Ghafla! is on the other extreme of entertainment.

On their gossip section, the Kenyan Post reports about musicians, television presenters and anchors, celebrities without sparing politicians! You had better have a look for yourself!

Daily Post Kenyan politics

You can never talk of Kenyan politics without mentioning Daily Post! For a long period, Daily Post Kenyan Politics has been on the frontline in giving ‘unmentionable’ details. The Kenyan Post Politics gives sensational news and features about Kenyan politics.

They cover nearly all the aspects of the Kenyan political scene from polls, candidates, parties, parliament to speeches. They don’t forgive the personal life of politicians either. Whoever writes for Kenyan-Post.Com must be talented at pumping up small stories with bombastic headlines!

Political analysts such as the famous Mutahi Ngunyi, too, are never spared either!

Kenyan Daily Post latest Real-time News

The Kenya Daily Post has a real-time feeds for news. Their feeds are also found on Kenya Moja and many other feeds sites. The website is updated regularly in case of any new thing happening in the Kenyan political and entertainment spheres. They cover the speeches that most politicians would never like to be aired. Also, they are known for their harsh use of words to describe ‘truth’.

By now, you must have known all you needed about the Daily Post politics, Gossip and all! Did I mention they never forget to cover tribal stuff and many other things that Kenyans seems to fall in love with? Well, the Daily Post Kenya has earned its place as one of Kenya’s top blogs! With tens of new organic visitors to their site, the Kenyan Daily Post remains firmly at the apex of the most popular Kenyan websites!

Verdict on Kenyan Daily Post Review

I wouldn’t recommend Kenyan Daily Post for family browsing. Or, if you have your parent around, you certainly don’t want them to find out what site you’re viewing. However, I have to admit I occasionally visit the site for its tantalizing headlines. is one of the few sites that understand the power of headlines; a lesson I believe they learnt from Bogonko Bosire of Jackal News!

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