Kenyamoja online streaming website: Watch K24, Citizen, KTN, NTV etc. online at Kenya Moja

Kenya Moja .com is aiming to become Kenya’s Netflix! website streams all the Kenyan radio stations and TV. Watch TV Online- including KTN, Citizen, NTV, K24, Inooro etc. Also, listen to your favorite radio stations online on the platform.

Kenya Moja website is the top destination for nearly all Kenyans in the diaspora who want to watch Kenyan TV online. Every person who wants to watch television or listen to a Kenyan radio online goes there! is not necessarily a written prose content site. Instead, they employ software that records and streams live television online.

Kenyamoja online streaming website: Watch K24, Citizen, KTN, NTV etc. online at Kenya Moja allows you to watch your favorite Kenyan TV online

Also, nowadays, allows live RSS feeds from other websites. Kenya-Moja picks the latest most popular articles on the best websites in Kenya and puts the feeds on their homepage.

Kenya Moja is known for providing online TV and live radios on the internet. Here are the details about the website!

Watch Tv Online at Kenya Moja TV streaming

Kenya Moja K24: Watch K24 news and programs online at
Kenya Moja K24: Watch Kenyan news and programs online at

KenyaMoja.Com streams Kenyan televisions on their website. Their software has allowed them to capture live television and place it on the site. This attracts millions of Kenyans locally and Kenyans living in the diaspora.

Some of the channels streamed on Kenya Moja TV page include:

  • K24
  • KTN
  • NTV
  • KBC Channel One
  • Kameme Tv
  • Inooro TV
  • Njata TV
  • Ebru TV
  • Citizen Tv

…., and many more!

So, you can watch Citizen TV or Inooro Tv online.

Listen to Radio Online at KenyaMoja

You can also listen to any Kenyan radio online at Kenya Moja! I’m sure you probably heard about the Huduma Namba diaspora registration on radio! They stream live broadcast on the website. There, be updated on the latest radio news or heated-up discussions.

Kenya Moja Radio: Listen to Radio Citizen, Milele Fm, Kameme Fm, Inooro, Chamigei, Hot 6, Classic Fm, Kiss FM, Capital FM etc on
Listen to live radio online at Kenya Moja

The website lets you listen to radios online. Radios that you can listen online include:

  • Radio Jambo
  • Kameme Fm
  • Radio Citizen
  • Milele Fm
  • Classic 105
  • Capital Fm
  • Inooro Fm
  • Chamigei Fm
  • Ramogi Fm
  • Mulembe Fm
  • Kiss 100 Fm


… and many more.

Kenya Moja Live Online Television

Long before the digital migration, Kenya Moja streamed Kenyan television channels for its people to watch. Kenya Moja Live Television enables Kenyans in the diaspora to get updated on issues happening in their home country. Moreover, Kenyans with data bundles but no TVs can catch their favorite shows on TV right from their phones. Website Review

On Alexa, Kenya MOJA is one of the most popular websites in Kenya. It has visitors from nearly all parts of the world.

KenyaMoja RSS feeds from other websites
KenyaMoja pushes RSS news feeds from other websites

Though the site is quite heavy; some phones can’t pick it. The Mobile view of the Kenya Moja site is not the most convenient, though. Good smartphones can capture it well, though! Desktops and tablets are the best at watching online Tv. KenyaMoja.Com is the site that gives you all this!

Verdict on is Kenya’s best live TV streaming website. They have been around for many years now, and they continue to impress radio and TV enthusiasts across the globe. The site is, however, limited to Kenyan content. Plus, recently, they have faced severe competition from Royal Media’s platform ViuSasa.

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