Is Jamleck Kamau's degree fake? See

Days after Education Cabinet Secretary warned universities on issuing fake degrees to politicians, The Nairobi Times has leads on Kigumo Mp Jamleck Kamau being a possible beneficiary of this fraud.

Jamleck Kamau pursued his O Level at Githumu Boys School though he would later fail to secure qualification to join A level but because of his talent in volleyball; Njiris Boys( then an A level institution) offered him a placement as that was the practice competing on extracurricular activities. His admission at Njiris was not bound on academic merit. It was for the Volleyball Game.

Is Jamleck Kamau's degree fake? See
Is Jamleck Kamau’s degree fake? See

Upon sitting for his A level exams Kamau failed to secure admission to a public University and later went abroad to the United States where he took manual jobs and relocated to Kenya. After he came back to Kenya, Kamau started working with various companies but not in professional capacity consistent with the academic qualifications he asserts of having in finance.

Kamau would later venture into business and politics vying unsuccessfully for the Kigumo Parliament in 2002 only to get elected in 2007 on a PNU ticket.

As all this was happening, Kamau was not admitted at the University of Nairobi for a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) degree.

On a condition of anonymity a staff member at the University of Nairobi- Registrar Department that there exists no documentation or records of a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) student or graduate by the name Jamleck Kamau Muchunu.

For the regular student who went through public university in 1980s programs nearly every student benefited from University Students Loans Scheme-USLS( present day HELB). With a humble family background, Kamau Muchunu was unlikely to turn down USLS package but surprisingly HELB does not bear any detail on having him benefit from this scheme.

Kamau’s history at the University of Nairobi remains scanty as nobody claims to have schooled with him despite the fact that most of his colleagues in the National Assembly went through this University at the time that Kamau purports to have been an undergraduate student.

Further to this; former Kamau aides have hinted that he had considered an option to forego his Governorship ambitions in 2013 as he couldn’t obtain a degree certificate on time. Still keen on covering up the history of his undergraduate certificate Kamau appears to have opted for a fake bachelor’s degree to secure admission at USIU where he did his master’s degree (Executive MBA). Being in possession of a master’s degree Kamau thought he would veer off from queries regarding his first degree as it’s impossible to bear a masters without a bachelor’s degree.

To add more suspense on the authenticity of Kamau’s degree certificate the Mp prides himself as a champion of education standards improvement yet in all the forums he has had with pupils and students in Kigumo Constituency he has never pronounced his academic track upon leaving Njiris School. While mentoring pupils how would this Mp perennial fail to disclose that he went to university in inspiring the pupils to take a similar route.

By the time The Nairobi Times published this item, a lobby group dubbed Metumi Citizens Forum had petitioned education CS Fred Matiang’i to institute probe on these claims in the event that Kigumo Mp fails to publicly come clear on.

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