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Huduma Namba Most Comprehensive Guide- 100+ Facts you Must know about #HudumaNumber and NIIMS. Is it 666? Repeat? How To Register? Diaspora? Huduma Number Consequences? Scandals

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Did you register with Huduma Namba? You’re probably a smart person who wanted to have enough time to understand how it works. I took my time to research deeply about the NIIMS /#HudumaNumber thing, and I was able to make an intelligent decision. What’s so urgent about it? Which problem will it solve? How will people in diaspora register? Do you have to waste your day and queue for the whole day like a swarm of Dorylus safari ants to get registered? Is it 666? Here’s what I found!

First, What is Huduma Namba and NIIMS (and all these complicated things!)?

Huduma Number Logo by The Guide Kenya
The Huduma NIIMS number logo

I’ll give you an easy answer here. Huduma Namba is an integration of all the government needs you to have. Let’s use a simple analogy. Think about high school. Your admission is 4055 and bed number is “Kilimanjaro Cube 4 Bed 3 (b). Then, your class sit in row 3, seat 4. Your exam index number is 202504046. Oh, and your dinner table is Group 15, Bowl 2. Look me in the eye and tell me if you can remember the quadratic formula and all these things!

So, your smart principal decides to come up with an simple numbering system. She amalgamates all the digits into this: 55 for admission, 43 for the bed, and 152 for the DH and then 046 for your exam. So, you get a specific number 5543152(046). Now, look me in the eye and tell me you will not remember this- it’s the size of your phone number!

Do you see the difference? That’s what the NIIMS number is all about.  It aims at giving you a unique digit to integrate KRA, NEMIS, ID, NSSF, NHIF etc. Of course, they don’t use the algorithm I’ve used in my case study above.

Instead, the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) is responsible for producing unique codes for every person.

And what’s NIIMS? Run by the Government of Kenya, NIIMS is a system comprising of software, servers and structures that collect and process personal data to provide a register with unique identification details for every citizen.

If you want to understand huduma Namba, you may want to think about what happens in other countries, as shown below:

Is There Huduma Number In Other Countries?

Several superpower countries around the world have an equivalent of the NIIMS digit. Of course, they are not controlled by the Government of Kenya or issued by NIIMS. Each country has its systems in place to provide its citizens and residents with a unique identification number.

  • United States of America (USA): The Social Security Number (SSN) is the US equivalent of Huduma Namba.
  • Canada has a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Netherlands has a Burger Service Number or Sofi Number (BSN)
  • In England, there’s a National Insurance Number (NI)
  • France has the INSEE Code
  • Germany has Sozialversicherungsnummer

So, Kenyans are not alone in this- we’re trying to break the ceiling by living a 1st world life in a 3rd world county! Here’s what you need to register for a #HudumaNumber.

Information Needed For Huduma Namba Registration

The government insists that every Kenyan citizen must register during this exercise. Kenyans in the diaspora as well foreign residents must have it, too. Kids (anyone below 18 years) will need an original birth certificate, NEMIS number for students and their parents’ ID or Passport number.

For adult Kenyan citizens, all that’s necessary is an Original ID card and other personal documents such as NHIF number, NSSF number, Driving License number, KRA PIN and a passport. Fortunately, the NIIMS system is hooked to your other governmental services. So, with your ID card, most of your information will show up.

Foreign residents will need to show their alien cards or passport. Anyone who doesn’t have the appropriate documents for registration- either because they’ve lost them, or has never enrolled for any of them- should seek help from the NIIMS registration assistants.

  • Birth certificate
  • Place of Birth
  • Phone number or/and address
  • Parent’s ID card or Passport number
  • Driving license
  • National Hospital Insurance Fund card (or NHIF Number)
  • National Social Security Fund Number (NSSF)
  • Marital status plus spouse’s name, ID card number or Passport number
  • National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) number
  • Kenyan Passport Card or number plus it expiry date

Huduma Namba Registration Form

The application form contains your bio-data, physical status (whether you have a disability), citizenship information, citizenship info, marital status, your parents, residence, education level, employment, and the biometric details. Below, you’ll find the confidential form you fill when you’re signing up for the NIIMS personal digit. You can also download the PDF here.

Confidential Huduma Namba Data capture form Page One
Confidential Huduma Namba Data capture form Page 1
Confidential Huduma Namba Data capture form page 2
Confidential Huduma Namba Data capture form page 2

So, how exactly does the registration go about?

How the NIIMS Data Capture Process Works

It’s important to note that when your details are entered in the NIIMS, you’ll not receive the personal digit immediately. Just like in the case of an ID Card, you’ll wait for a few weeks for the processing. The officer may give you an acknowledgment slip.

The Guide to NIIMS process
How NIIMS works
  • 1st Step: Now, when you get to the registration centre, you’ll need to present your ID card, Kenyan Passport or Birth Certificate. The officer will then show you with an application form.
  • 2nd Step: Fill the form manually.
  • 3rd Step: The Officer will then direct you to the cameraperson for a headshot.
  • 4th Step: A NIIMS officer will take your fingerprints on a digital kit.
  • 5th Step: You’ve done all that’s required now. The information is offline, but by the end of the day, it will be transmitted to the national central server.
  • 6th Step: After the whole exercise, the NIIMS system will then process the data and get you a unique number. Here, the photos will be matched to the fingerprints and the information will be verified. Successful matches will trigger a digit.

Will I Be Forced to Register for Huduma Namba Again?

You may be required to go through the entire process once again. If you gave any incorrect information, or what you provided does not match with the information the government has, then, you’ll need to repeat the registration process. Those that are unsuccessful will be notified through the phone numbers you provided. The assistant chief will help in the verification and updating of the register.

But does that mean Kenyans abroad are locked out? No, here’s how to register for Huduma Number outside Kenya:

Process of Registering Huduma Namba Diaspora

Kenyans living outside the country are eligible (and encouraged) to register. The process of registration began on May 6th, 2019 and will run through 45 days. Log on to the website for guidance. The diaspora NIIMS registration exercise shall be carried out online, but; you’ll need to present yourself at the high commission/Kenyan Embassy for the biometrics.  Be sure to carry your kids along.

Easiest Way to Apply Huduma Namba in Kenya’s Diaspora

Now, how do you register for the NIIMS Huduma Namba in Kenya’s diaspora? How do you do it in Dubai, USA, Canada, UK or Australia? Well, it doesn’t matter where you are- The Guide will help you out in every way.

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There are two ways to get through this process:

First, you can read through our comprehensive Huduma Namba guide and login on the login portal by yourself. Here, you’ll need to do all the process alone.

 In that case, if you have trouble applying for diaspora Huduma Number, you should comment below, and we’ll help you out.

But, if you need special attention, you can use the second method- which we recommend: you can WhatsApp us, and we’ll do it for you at an affordable price.

Let’s face it: getting registered is free, but it can be such a difficult thing if you’re busy with work or when you’re not sure how to go about it. Being active shouldn’t make you miss out in this exercise. Instead, you can let us do it for you at a few shillings.

If you want to save your time, WhatsApp me the following information, and we’ll work on your request in the shortest time possible.

  • Valid Email Account, e.g., If you don’t have, or yours has issues, we’ll help you create a Gmail account easily.
  • A photo of your ID card (both sides)
  • Passport number– e.g. A7123456
  • The expiry date of your passport, e.g., 01/15/2021
  • Your parents’ names, e.g., Jane Atieno Kamau & Ahmed Kimathi Wafula
  • Country, City, and address of residence, e.g., Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, 95703
  • Marital status – name and ID card of a spouse, e.g., Fatuma Gakii Mwende
  • Phone number, e.g. +966 85 321 9352
  • Do you have any disability?
  • KRA PIN, e.g., A123456789f
  • Education level, e.g., Form 4
  • Employment status, e.g., Unemployed

How It Works:

  1. You WhatsApp us your details
  2. We work on your order within an hour (on a first come, first serve basis.)
  3. You pay for the service according to the terms we agree.
  4. We confirm your details, and you receive a Huduma Code from the Ministry of Interior on your email.
  5. You present the code to the Embassy for the biometric recording exercise.
USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai Huduma Namba Registration
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  • If you’re a parent, you’ll use your account to register your kids.
  • NIIMS shall not capture the fingerprints and photos of kids below the age of 6.
  • When registering your children, you will need to have their Birth Certificates.
  • The deadline for registration in other countries is June 20th. If you’re in the Gulf, America, South Africa, Uganda or any other place in the diaspora, be sure to register before that date.
  • You shall not lose your Kenyan citizenship if you don’t have a Huduma Namba
  • is an independent cybercafé and is in no way affiliated with the Government of Kenya.
  • We have a large number of people who want The Guide Kenya to register them for NIIMS. We shall only process paid orders.
  • You have to present yourself eventually at the High Commission or Kenyan Embassy in your country of residence for them to take your fingerprints, face-picture and verify your documents with what you provided online.
Huduma Namba Diaspora
Huduma code for people living in the diaspora

Here are the steps you should take to register for NIIMS in the diaspora.

  • Step 1: First, log on to the official diaspora Huduma number portal
  • Step 2: Hover the cursor to the “Register Now”. It will then take you to the Portal Login page.
  • Step 3: Then, Create a New Account. Here, you will need to provide your name and email (just as you do in other sign-ups).
  • Step 4: You’ll receive an email containing your Username, and a Password. This is the info you need in the diaspora Huduma Namba registration.
  • Step 5: Fill in the application form with your personal details. You’ll need a Kenyan Passport and your ID card or Birth Certificate. Also, you may need to enter other information such as your Kenyan Driving license, NHIF, NSSF, KRA PIN and NEMIS number. Don’t worry if you don’t have one or two of these numbers- you are safe with your ID and passport as the rest are optional.
  • Step 6: Submit the completed registration form. You’ll receive an email confirming you’re successful. You’ll also get a reference number and document number.
  • Step 7: Visit the nearest High Commission or Embassy in your country of residence. Carry your ID Card and Passport to help identify you. Then, the diaspora registration officer will take your biometrics (headshot photo and fingerprints). Your details are now ready for verification and confirmation.

UPDATE: How to go about huduma number children registration? When you create your account on the website, you’ll realize that you can only indicate your own details. For your kid, to save time, just present them to your resident country’s Kenyan Embassy or High Commission. They’ll be registered there without any hustle.

Which Laws Support NIIMS’s pursuits for registering Huduma number?

The government of Kenya has the mandate to monitor record and analyze data from its citizens. Some of the laws that allow these procedures include:

  • Registration of Births and Deaths Act
  • Kenya Information Communications Act
  • Kenya Citizens and Foreign Nationals Registration Act
  • Sec 9A of the Registration of Persons Act, 2018
  • Access to Information Act
  • Computer Misuses and Cybercrimes Act
  • Executive Order No. 1 (2018)

Mass Huduma Namba Registration

Mass NIIMS registration first started on February 16th to May 17th May 2019.  During the exercise, more than 2 million were registered by the end of two months.  By the time of publishing this article, more than 33 million people had been registered. By the end of the exercise, about 39.5 million Kenyans had registered for Huduma Namba.

Huduma Namba registration line
Kenyans in Embakasi line up to register for NIIMS

Mass registration for Huduma Namba Deadline

The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Security insists that your detail must be in the NIIMS register before or on Saturday, May 17th at 6 pm. The Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’ i warned the time will not be extended. But, president Uhuru Kenyatta added a week to the process and it elapsed on May 25th. Fortunately, the NIIMS registration shall be an ongoing process, and the kits shall be left at the Assistant Chief’s office and Huduma Centers.

Where to register

As long as you are going to register before 17th May, you only need to present yourself to the nearest Sub-location headquarter (sub-chief’s office). During this period, the registration opens at 6 in the morning and closes at 6 pm every day. Also, there are mobile registration centres which aim at moving the kits near to the people. So, check out when the officers are at your shopping centers, near your church or at the marketplace.

Huduma Namba Officials Fidelis Wanjiku Ngugi
In the first few days, Kenyans did not show up for the NIIMS registration.

After the Huduma Namba registration deadline lapses, local assistant chiefs will have the equipment for continuity. Thus, they will continue with the updating and registration process. A limited number of kits will also be available at Huduma Centers to allow registration and updating of the digital register.

Huduma/NIIMS Number FAQs

In this section, I’m going to answer a few questions that people ask frequently. If I haven’t covered any item here, feel free to ask in the comment section, and I’ll respond shortly.

Are they collecting DNA?

Initially, there were rumors that NIIMS would collect DNA details during this exercise. Other people said the government wanted to track the location of individuals by planting a microchip RFID or GPRS micro-device beneath the skin. Thankfully, in February, the high court of Kenya disallowed the collection of such personal information. So, no DNA or GPRS information is entered in the NIIMS- at least for now.

What document do you receive after successful registration?

Nothing- you might get an acknowledgement slip, but that’s not important. The registration is digital, and it actually aims to reduce paperwork in the issuance of government services.

Where will it be needed?

Several government/quasi-governmental services will require your details to be available in the NIIMS register. The HN will be necessary in case you want NTSA’s smart driving licenses, KRA PIN, NHIF etc. In short, when the registration is complete and the data processed, every Kenyan will use the number as you do for an ID Card.

Can I register Huduma Namba online?

Yes- if you;re in the diaspora. However, locals are not being registered online, at least, not for now. NIIMS requires your biometric such as fingerprints and photographs. So, you need to present yourself in person at a registration center.

Huduma Namba for tourist and non-citizens

Tourists and other short-term visitors to Kenya do not need to register for a #HudumaNamba. However, if you are a non-citizen resident in Kenya, you are expected to take part in the exercise. So, if you have a work permit, student or refugee VISA, then you MUST register for the NIIMS program.

How safe is the NIIMS data?

The National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) is secured under tight international-level standards. According to Business Daily Africa, data collection, transmission and the storage will not be open for anyone apart authorized officers and governmental agencies that need it for official operation.

First, you need to disregard the any trending info than claims a university student hacked the NIIMS system– the police have no such information. But, let’s never forget that the IFMIS, IEBC and even the US election systems have been compromised at some time. The truth is no one can claim that his or her data is 100% safe- not even Facebook or Google!

What happened to Huduma Card?

Huduma Card
The card versus The number

President Uhuru Kenyatta launched Huduma Card in a pompous event, but; it did not gain public interest. Huduma Centers offer this card in a partnership with the MasterCard. The card is mainly a financial consolidation of different services. According to NIIMS, the card has nothing to do with the number.

How much is Huduma Number?

This is a government initiative, and all the costs have been catered for in the budget. So, you will not have to pay for anything. It’s free

What’s the NIIMS’ budget for mass registration?

The Treasury has allocated Ksh. 7.7 billion ($77 million) for the NIIMS’ mass registration exercise. Five assistants were recruited and trained for each of the 8,500 centres in Kenya. Each registration officer earns Ksh. 1000 a day. For three months, the total budget for paying officers is about 2.55 billion.

The rest of the money was used to procure the registration equipment. According to the state, the money was used as per the requirements of the Public Procurement Asset Disposal Act.

What’s the difference between NIIMS registration, Voter registration and Census?

NIIMS registration shall be a continuous exercise even after the mass registration period elapses. It aims at maintaining data for government services. Voter registration is usually done by the IEBC after five years, and the information is only valid for electoral purposes. Census is KNBS’s responsibility of coming up with a tally to help in planning resource allocation.

Who’s involved in the Huduma Number scandal?

No scam pertaining the NIIMS mass registration has been reported yet. Since Raila Odinga and President Kenyatta are both campaigning for this process, you can guess it’ll take time before we know how much money was misappropriated.

However, at least, we can draw patterns that project to another grand corruption scheme in the country. Some answered questions in the tendering process leaves too many loopholes for scandals. First, who won the tender to supply the NIIMS software and equipment? Which agency is responsible for the multi-billion system maintenance? Well, The Guide Kenya will keep you posted on the developments.

Is Huduma Namba 666? Most Honest Answer

The NIIMS portal has an outright answer for this: Does it have a religious ramification “NO”. But, as always, trusting your government too much is likely to lead you astray. What the writer says is “We don’t know”. Or “We don’t care!”

Of course, you don’t expect the government to demonize the same nationwide initiative it has championing. So, what is the relationship between the Huduma Namba and the 666? Will you go to hell if you register for NIIMS? Any Christian will undoubtedly need to read this.

Is Huduma Namba 666?
Is the NIIMS system inspired by Illuminati?

DISCLAIMER: I have to put a disclaimer though: I am not a priest (I don’t even consider myself a good Christian). Therefore, as I answer this question, I am not inspired by any religious background. With the hundreds of staunch religious-based answers that have fluffed the web, I believe you deserve a brutally objective one. And yes- I’m not a pastor, but reading the Bible is not a privilege of the white-collared clergy. So, I’ve read the Bible, the Quran, History and lots of apologetics. I’ll give you nothing but the correct facts attached to no opinions or religious dogmas.

Shall we proceed? First, 666 is a number anticipated in the Bible’s Book of Revelations Chapter 13 verse 11 to 18. Is the 666 traceable anywhere in the Quran? No, the Quran doesn’t have the 666. According to several Islam scholars, Muslims shouldn’t have anything to do with any numbers or figures that are not in the Quran.

I honestly don’t know about the Hindus. The fact that John the Revelator was a Jewish disciple of Jesus (a Hebrew) means it’s a purely Judeo-Christian and New Testament Biblical concept. Now, I believe we have enough legitimacy to analyze 666 within the context of the Bible alone.

What is 666?

666 in The Bible

From the 11th chapter, you can see four main characteristics of this “number”.

  • Mark of the beast
  • Placed in the head and in the hand
  • It’s a human number!
  • You shall not buy or sell anything without the mark

So, let’s start with this: what’s a beast? Again, we’re not going to use other books- the Bible alone. The good thing about this is that we shall not have to dwell on religious beliefs- there are more than 10000+ Christian denominations on earth with different faiths and thus, we should only use the Bible as our standard or SI unit!

According to Daniel Chapter 7 verse 23, a beast is a form of a worldwide kingdom or government.  Why did the Revelations 13:18 say 666 is several humans- not of the devil, nor God or earth, but of a man? To get the answer, you’ll need Genesis chapter 1, verse 26. Theologians agree that digit 6 is simply a code for man- or humanity. Remember, 7 in theological terms mean “God’s completeness”. Man’s number is 6 because he’s prone to errors.

Humanism will lead people into different decisions. In fact, in Romans 8:6, Paul urges his followers to drop carnal behavior and be filled with The Spirit instead. In short, humanism is what leads people to sin.

According to Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar dreamt about a large human image that crumbled when a stone hit its foot from heaven. When Daniel sought the explanation, Angel Gabriel told him the different parts of the image represented the 4 main kingdoms of gentile/man’s rule. The calculations led to the now famous “6000 years of the human rule”. You may want to see this study of the Books of Daniel and Revelations by AN Dugger.

“receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.”

I hope you’ve already noted the wording. It’s “in” the head and “in the hand”. A good grammar check would suggest “on” as the proper preposition, but the Bible ignores this for a reason. Inside the forehead is a brain that controls the way you think and make decisions. That’s what this means.

“mark in their right hand” suggests the things you do.

By now, you’re sure we know that the number is entirely spiritual. It talks about what we think and what we do and that the number is human. All of these aspects are spiritual. But, we’re now heading to something more human, practical and physical- commerce!

“no man might buy or sell.”

What would prevent you from doing business? Huduma Namba? Kanjo? KRA? Music Copyright of Kenya? Ezekiel Mutua’s KFCB? All these organizations are part of the government. And yes- the government controls trade directly.

So, how would they use a “number” to regulate trade? Simple:

-Register everyone into a digital system

– Insist they include their banking details there

– Introduce cashless money, eg. Credit cards, blockchain-currencies, etc.

– Phase out notes and coins

– Insist the identification numbers and credit information be in stored inside the body of the citizens. It already happens in China.

– Now, everyone who doesn’t have that microchip inside their body cannot buy or sell.

– Those who don’t have the chip don’t get services

So, is the Huduma Namba 666?

The NIIMS digit qualifies this claim in the context of:

  1. It is a number
  2. A government issues it

However, the Huduma Number fails to meet the following requirements:

  1. It’s only offered in Kenya, not anywhere else in the world. Thus, it’s not a universal number as predicted in the Bible.
  2. The digit does not affect your trading activities. You can still buy or sell if you do not have it.
  3. No one has been told to have any form of number installed in his or her arm or forehead.
  4. Most importantly, it’d be funny to imagine that someone can live as a sinner- murderer, thief, adulterer, idol worshipper, witch etc. – and then, to get to the Kingdom, all they need to do is resist a “tattoo/chip” beneath my skin. I don’t think any smart person would put that as a requirement!


In short, the fear that Kenyans have towards the NIIMS number is valid. It’s intelligent to make sure you don’t rush into decisions that you don’t understand. Huduma Namba may be a precursor to the ultimate mark of the beast, but surely, as at now, it is NOT 666! Otherwise, we already have several numbers issued by the government – the ID, birth certificate, NSSF, NHIF, phone number etc. The truth is, we’d certainly need a way of making government service delivery easy, and the NIIMS may be a smart idea. However, underline the word “PRECURSOR”. For more info about the 666, make sure to check this out.

What happens if you don’t register for Huduma?

Kenyan social media – and the mainstream alike- has been at the forefront of forcing people to register for the Namba. Mostly, it’s peddled by media houses and bloggers who’re known to be the government’s rubberstamps. To make sure they coerce Kenyans into obeying the state’s directive, these information outlets have often spread rumors such as:

  • That your phone number will be switched off by the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK). But it’s a hoax. The commission encourages people to get their details in the NIIMS register, but they certainly don’t have the right to delist your phone contacts.
  • That you will not receive government services without the HN, again, the High Court ruled that Kenyan citizens don’t need any form of registration to qualify for government services. In fact, the ruling read, the right is inherently inalienable for every Kenyan as per the laws of Kenya.
  • That you will be arrested if you don’t for NIIMS. Honestly, the Kenyan prisons are already full- how can they stuff these facilities with tens of millions of more people? Early in May 2019, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) denied requiring Huduma numbers for police clearance.
Huduma Namba failure consequences
Huduma Namba failure consequences

So, which are the real consequences of not having the Namba?

  • Nobody will arrest you. You shall not be denied government services. And, indeed, your phone number shall not be switched off. If any of these things happen to you, you should sue the officers involved. However, you have to admit a few things:
  • If you live in a country that uses a particular system to deliver services, you’ll feel the inconvenience if you aren’t part of that system. For instance, if you want NTSA, KNEC, Birth Certificates or ID cards, you’ll have to endure the lengthy procedures.
  • Two, if you decide to enrol after the mass registration exercise is finished, you’ll have to be ready to camp at government offices. The registration may be available at the sub-chiefs or HudumaCenter offices, but, you don’t expect it to be as easy as during the mass registration.
  • According to the government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe, “You’ll travel long distances, and you might not get it at the end of the day.”

Huduma Namba Secrets and benefits

  • Harmonizing the documents, you need to have in Kenya. E.g., instead of having an ID card, passport, NSSF, NHIF, KRA PIN, driving license, NEMIS, etc., you’ll just need a NIIMS number.
  • NIIMS will reduce
  • Promote accuracy in planning
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • NIIMS reduces paperwork in governmental offices. That’s going to save up to 3 billion budget for papers and ink Kenya.
  • Simplify the delivery of government services
  • Enforce national security and the fight against crime
  • NIIMS is more accurate than the traditional ID card system. Fingerprints are taken digitally unlike in the case of the National ID where they were inked.
  • Promotes the Big 4 Agenda: a database to plan for food security, healthcare, affordable housing, industrialization, and security
  •  Taxation will be simple. The whole idea of this digit is to harmonize your documents. But also, it will create a gateway to your MPesa, Bank account, etc. so that you can pay tax without any evasion. It’s a smart way to monitor people’s earnings and collect taxes!

Disadvantages of NIIMS

  • The process is expensive. 7 billion is enough to build about 50 modern Makueni-type hospitals.
  • Loopholes for corruption
  • Huduma Namba is not going to solve hunger in Turkana
  • We don’t need another digit- we’d just strengthen the ID card
  • Makes no sense to register people twice: one for NIIMS, and then for census
  • It’s strenuous to queue for a whole day just because a politician said we should do so

My Verdict on Huduma Namba

At the beginning of this post, I promised to tell you everything you need to know about “nambari ya Huduma”. And, I believe I have done precisely that. First, we’ve seen who registers, why it is important, and the consequences of not being in the NIIMS register.

First, is it 666? NO- the mark of the beast must meet the three main characterizes. The NIIMS’ digit could be a precursor (I really don’t want to write it off), but certainly, it does not meet the threshold to be the mark of the beast.

I’m sure someone is already thinking of “Is Huduma Namba Illuminati? Well, see another comprehensive review of illuminati in Kenya for the answers.

Second, do you need to take part in the exercise? Yes, you do: taking part in the NIIMS registration is like helping the government to help you.

Third, will your choices have consequences? Yes- you’ll be inconvenienced especially when you’re in a rush or need state services urgently. But, no one should threaten you that you’ll be arrested or denied a job just because you’ve not fed a government-controlled software with your picture and thumbprints! Hey, you don’t cease to be a Kenyan citizen either!

Of course, there are several concerns about the NIIMS. Some people fear that their information will be hacked by some malicious fellows. Well, you don’t have to be worried about that. I don’t mean that the system is airtight, but at least, we’ve already provided too much information to Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Yet, they’ve all experienced breaches at some time. If you trusted a private company with your personal information, I don’t see why you’d not do the same with your own government!

According to The East African Reviews reporter Rasna Warah, the NIIMS could be a tool to oppress Kenyans or to save them. She thinks the government will have enough control over its citizen. But also, the number could solve the problems that some Kenyans experience. Think about Kenya Somalis. They are discriminated on several occasions. I’d just advise each of them to sign up for NIIMS and at least, save themselves the negative branding. I know you understand what I mean!

I cannot ignore that scandal could be cooking up in this NIIMS project. Writing for The Standard, Peter Wanyonyi opines that this exercise could be yet another mega-theft that’s about to blow up.

In my view, the GoK should have used the census to register people for NIIMS. Imagine, they’ve spent 7 billion to register people and then, after a few weeks, they’ll be here counting the same people at the cost of another 18.4 billion! Mind you, Thika Superhighway was only 32 billion. It’s like traveling to Mombasa to buy coconuts. Then, after you’ve taken the nuts to your home in Kisumu, you return to Mombasa to purchase mangoes. Waste of time and resources!

However, we must agree that making government services more straightforward is a welcome noble idea. Of course, it’ll not help to grow our economy or make our lives better, but at least, it’ll save the time spent lining up at government offices.

Question: Kinyua have you registered for Huduma Namba?


“Okay, I’m kidding! But, the truth is, I won’t be registering soon until I find a reason to queue to be registered. I refuse to be a politician-led dorylus safari ant!”

Do you still have any questions about NIIMS registration? Let’s talk in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends- at least; they also need an objective review, don’t they?


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4 thoughts on “Huduma Namba (NIIMS): Why Register? Diaspora Registration, 666, Scandal?SEE Complete Guide”

  1. Good research bro. That is the real truth….Watu wachukue huduma no coz its not 666. The mark of the beast has to do with the Laws of God. Rev 14:12 : Here is the patience of the saints, here are they that keep the commandments of God and the Faith of Jesus. The huduma no. has nothing to do with the Law of God.
    be blessed and keep it up

    1. WoW! I am grateful for that Njenga Kariuki. It’s a pity that people become too religious to give technology a chance. Huduma Namba is simply not 666 because it has not met the threshold described in Revelations 13. I have read some apologetics that suggest these things (Credit Cards, Huduma Namba, Social Security Number etc.) could be the “light” introductions to the mark of the beast. Inasmuch as they hold some truth, the most important thing is to abide by the Holy Teachings and not on technology. At least, God will not let his faithfuls fall into the 666 or leave them in hell (Psalms 16:10).

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