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Hello! I am Kinyua Njeri, and writing awesome content is what I do for a living, literally. I have five years of experience in writing News articles, Informative (how-to) blog posts, Cornerstone articles, SEO and Product Descriptions.

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  • Remarkably informative blog posts
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  • Conversion-oriented product reviews and descriptions

I’m a blogger- I run several websites including TheGuide.co.ke. This means I understand what it takes to grow your site. I have first-hand experience when it comes to on-page SEO techniques. But, I don’t just aim at ranking my articles- I want them to be useful to my readers. I want to not only increase traffic but also make the visitors buy my products.

So, over the years, my clients have loved my work because it actually converts. Converting means talking to the hearts (and minds) of potential buyers; informing, and persuading them without being too pushy. And, that’s what I do!

And, because every web-owner wants organic traffic, I write for search engines, too. A few years ago, ranking a page was all about outsourcing backlinks and cleverly positioning keywords. Today, Google has come up with the intelligent RankBrain algorithm which reads webpages like a human. So, even though I want to rank my posts on the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page), I also want them to answer crucial questions from the searchers. All these boil down to one thing: premium quality content!

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Several years of blogging have taught me unforgettable lessons about writing epic web-content. Deeply researched, thoroughly tested and simply written articles will always make sense to readers and search engines. This has always been my secret.

Deep research

Researching is not about perusing competitor websites and copying them. It’s sensible to draw some inspiration from pages that rank for your target keyword, but; copying from them isn’t!

Instead, I insist on beating rivals on quality. So, I often find out which keywords they rank for, length of the page, the usefulness of their info and ultimately, how I can make mine 10x better than what they have. Then, I scour the internet for more information about the topic. But, how do I know what to research about?

Creating deeply researched content can be difficult especially when you have to weave several points together. So, I draft my research systematically. I write up the questions that need to be answered by the end of the article. This means I have to do several calculations, analysis and study cases. Thus, my final draft inspires my readers, and; search engines are likely to mark it as authoritative. But is that enough?

Simply written content

All the ideas, research, keywords, answers, illustrations and case studies in the article must blend into a seamlessly flowing read. I insist on writing articles in the simplest way possible. The concepts may be difficult, but I present them in a way that’s comprehensible enough for a fifth grader. This requires simple vocabulary, a smooth diction, short-sweet sentences and paragraphs- and, many subheadings.

I want my readers to be able to scan through my piece and find what they are looking for as quick as possible. However, I understand how greatly I can benefit from low bounce rates. So, I ensure that my content is not only engaging but also artfully interesting. Exciting content keeps the readers on the page until I call them to action at the end of the article. That’s why I endeavor to write creatively.

So, why should you hire me?

I listen to my clients. My ultimate gratification is when my client’s blog flourishes, especially when I’m part of that success. So, I don’t work- I serve (there’s a huge difference!). I want to leave an impact. I want to be part of the project. Thus, I give my best to the blog as if it were my own. To make sure I achieve this, I have a succinct set of principles that guide my work:

  • Quick turn around
  • Deeply researched articles
  • 100% Original
  • Active customer support and proactive communication
  • Flawless grammar
  • Startling affordable rates

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I’m a full-time writer with a passion for writing! I want to help you walk through the blogosphere and keep your readers glued to your blog. I’ll get you superior content that ranks and converts. Join my team of happy clients by sending your instructions to this email: customercare@TheGuide.co.ke.


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