When you mention Ghalfa to Kenyans, its gossip, entertainment, celebrity inner linen, etc. that comes to mind. But is not locked to the Kenyan boundaries- they are stretching their wings to other African states. Here’s our honest review of Ghafla website. See all about who owns Ghafla, Ghafla latest news, Ghafla exposed, Ghafla explores and all.

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Could Ghalfa Become Africa’s Most Popular Entertainment Site?

No one covers Kenya’s entertainment news like Ghafla! It is indisputably the best website as far as African entertainment is concerned. Ghafla gossip is incomparable to none other. Their choice of words keeps their readers glued. The Ghafla website also keeps you updated on the controversy and latest Kenyan buzz. Ghafla latest news is mainly about show business. The verified Ghafla Facebook page has millions of likes. Ghalfa also has a platform for Ghana and recently, a section of Tanzania. Here is a comprehensive review of Ghafla exposé!

What Does Ghafla! Mean?

“Ghafla!” is a statement in Kiswahili that means “Immediately!”. It’s certainly a great name for a website that aims to break entertainment news as soon as they happen. Can you call your kid Ghafla? It’s not a great idea, especially because it has no other meaning…and I don’t think I’d be happy if my mum named me that. But, it’s all about your decision. History logo
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Ghafla started in 2009 by one “Mr Majani” or “Baba Ghafla” as a gossip and entertainment website. The website began with the domain name “”. With time, they changed the website into They rolled out their services in Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

Who Owns Ghafla!?

Ghafla was founded by Samuel Majani, a University student at the time. He thought that the Kenyan digital space did not deliver enough in terms of informing people about entertainment and gossip. Majani, right from his university hostel room, decided to change the landscape, and the rest is history.

Mr. Majani- Samuel Majani is the founder of Ghafla! He founded the website from his university dorm
Mr. Majani- Samuel Majani is the founder of Ghafla!

In 2014, Radio Africa, which owns Kiss 100, Classic 105 and The Star Newspaper (plus other news outlets), approached Majani in a bid to buy for 5 million Kenya shillings ($50,000). Majani believed that to be a joke and an insult to his booming website. At that time, the website was already part of Kenya’s crème blogs and millions of young people thronged there for the juicy stories.

Then, in 2016, the 88MPh investors from Ringier Africa Digital Publishing (RADP) bought out Ghafla for a staggering 50 million shillings ($500k). So, the website is now part of the Ringer family of sites owned by the 88MPh investors, and Majani remains a Co-CEO in the arrangement. The new owner wanted to turn Ghafla into the TMZ of Africa, so, they changed the domain name from to

Ghafla Gossip

Ghafla Gossip is renowned for all the controversy there is! Kenyans never get scared from attending to fancy news. The website reports of literally any Kenya trending news. They also publish details of the personal lives of many Kenyan celebrities. Ghafla gossip section is known for addressing (and undressing) celebs without fear or favor. They, also, never forget to touch on hottest musicians. Any time you want to know how a celebrity spent their holidays or weekend; Ghafla is the place to check out!

Ghafla Latest

Ghafla website one of Africa’s leading entertainment websites

Amidst the controversy, Ghafla also keeps its ardent readers glued to the latest news. Ghafla latest covers nearly all aspects of entertainment. They report on the latest collabos, Kenyan music videos and many more.

Anytime there is a development in the Kenyan entertainment circles, Ghafla keeps you updated. While some of their entertainment is prominent, the other half is gossip. Besides sensational topics, Ghafla also covers imperative news stories on their website. So, you might often find how to apply for Huduma Namba online or other news.

Ghafla Exposed

Ghafla Exposed and Ghafla Explores is one of the sections. It blows up personal lives and other in-depth content about celebrities. Ghafla never gets ashamed when addressing how university students are spending their indoor moments. Kenyan hatchet pictures have a place on Ghafla!

But, it must be noted that there are times Ghafla publishes some “worthy” content. In their Explores and Exposed categories, they write about the inner circles of musicians. They act as a moral watchdog for the Kenyan elite class. Of course, this goes far to helping manage the ‘role models.’ But, it sometimes goes too far in these pursuits.

Countries with

Ghafla aims to be the TMZ of Africa- becoming the continent’s entertainment news. So, they have colonized Kenya with their sensational stories, and they have now extended their services to other countries. Some of the countries where Ghafla is popular include Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria. Verdict

Ghafla Kenya has its good and bad side. They report of moral and immoral content. But, isn’t that what the Kenyan media has become today? thrives on, and that is how they make it to the throne of a Kenyan entertainment website. With all the success and good ranking that Ghafla has,- especially by becoming one of the most popular Kenyan websites, you certainly know why Samuel Majani is a happy man already!

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