IEBC registration status online portal and SMS number.

Is your name in the IEBC voters register? Or, is your Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) data appropriately captured? And, are you qualified and registered as a Kenyan voter? How do you confirm your IEBC voter registration details? Check your voter registration details here! Also, find your registration status!

IEBC registration status online portal and SMS number.
How to Check your IEBC registration Status

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has several ways which allow you to check if your voter registration is valid. It is possible to check if you are registered as a Voter on IEBC through SMS or the internet. In the 2012 and 2017 IEBC voter registration exercises, the Kenyan electoral body introduced a means through which people would confirm if their names were in the voter’s register.

Checking the correctness of voters’ details has made thing smooth. At the comfort of your room, you can access your voter registration details and have them rectified before the Election Day. Below are ways to find out whether your data is validly entered in the IEBC register of voters.

Check IEBC Voter Status Online

Anytime you want to check your IEBC voter registration status online; the first things should be visiting the website. The IEBC introduced an online registration portal from where Kenyans could easily verify your details. You just need to head to the commission’s website, and you’ll be good to go.

IEBC Voter Verification by SMS

According to the IEBC, registration status could also be available on the phone as well. Through texts, millions of Kenyan voters can access their registration status. Moreover, Kenyans may find out the details about polling stations around them, as well as where you should be voting. Whichever make sure you can confirm these details before Election Day. Just send your ID Number OR Passport no. to 70000. You will receive an SMS on your smartphone with information on the order of your names, your county, constituency, ward and polling station.

Verify voter registration status manually

The most effective method of finding out whether your name is on the IEBC register is by going manual. If you visit the IEBC offices- at the Anniversary Towers IEBC headquarters or regional offices or Huduma Centers– you will be able to access the files. You can find out if your name is on the list.

Why check your voter registration status?

As a responsible citizen, it is crucial to participate in the decision-making process of your country. In Kenya, you can always do this during the elections and referendums. To do that, you have to be a duly registered voter. Here are the reasons you must find out if you’re in the Independent Electoral Commission’s register.

Don’t be embarrassed

Confirming your IEBC registration status before the election is important in ridding you the embarrassment. At times, it is very demeaning to be sent off at the polling station just because your name is missing in the voter’s register. Ensuring your name on the IEBC voter register helps you keep off such moments.

Compulsory for aspirants to be registered voters

Secondly, ensuring that your IEBC voter registration status is in place will give you the courage to go out for campaigns. If you are an aspirant, the law requires your name to be in Kenya’s voters register. Thus, you will need to confirm your name on the IEBC voters list if you are to vie. Also, it gives you the courage to go campaign, knowing so well that you will be part of the legal process.

Choose your leader!

Third, checking your IEBC voter registration status online will enable you to enjoy your noble right of self-determination as a Kenyan citizen. As always, good citizenship requires you to be part of the decision-making. You need to choose good leaders.

Moreover, you will need to see to it that a good law is passed. In the Kenyan constitution 2010, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission of Kenya has the mandate to oversee referendums. Therefore, anytime you want some laws passed, enacted or removed, you will have to be a registered voter.

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