Blogger Payment: Price of a 500 ARTICLE

What’s the ideal blogger payment for your business or news website? How much should you pay writers per month? How much do bloggers earn? Should you pay bloggers per-article, project, weekly or monthly? And, what’s the best salary for an office-based company blogger? Here, find the price of a 500-word to 1000 word blog post. See how much to pay writers!


How much should you pay bloggers for your business website? What determines a blogger’s salary? How much do bloggers make per a 500-blog post on the website?


I often get this question toasted my way, and in most cases, it’s a real hard nut to crack! Let’s face it; you want your website updated regularly with high quality content. But, finding the perfect writer, and knowing how much to pay them is the real hustle.


You want to pay neither your blogger exorbitantly nor lower than they deserve. You want to reward their effort appropriately.


Remember, if you hire an expensive post writer, it might actually end up hurting your business. Also, if you pay them less than they deserve, they might not be as committed to your work as they should be. So, both “too much” and “too little” are no-go zones.


The rule of the thumb is to pay according to how valuable the content is. For instance, if the post will help you make $1000, you should be willing to pay them a good portion of that money.


How much do Bloggers get paid?


Before you hire a blogger, know your niche, and define your style. Have a specific way in which you speak to your customers. Do you beg them with slang or easy informal sentences? Or, do you use a professional tone with lots of statistics?


Why exactly is your website valuable to you? How does it benefit your business? If you intend to sell stuff on it, then you need content that converts. But, if you’re running a magazine, then all you might be needing is traffic!


How much is the blogger payment for a magazine site?

Let’s start with a blogger salary for a magazine website. Most blogs don’t grow up into the BBC, CNN, or Daily Mail. But, at least, Ms. Ariana Huffington started her website as a personal blog- look at what she has now!


When deciding how much you should pay writers for news and feature stories, check out how much you’ll make from them. News articles get stale after a few days or hours. Feature stories are also time-sensitive.


So, the best way to pay your magazine writers is to consider how much traction their articles get. Especially if your primary source of revenue is from ads such as AdSense, MGID, Revcontent, or Taboola, then you have to get value from your content. You can only earn as much as the traffic you get. Therefore, the posts must have “viral-potential”.


The blogger salary for a news website depends on how much the blog is earning. 95% of the sites in the world run only on adverts. That means they only get as much money as the traffic they get. These websites are results oriented. They will only pay for articles that bring traffic.


The Maths to Determine Blogger Payment


So, if the blog gets 1000 views and has a page RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impressions) of 1, then that means you’ll only get $2.5 for every thousand pictures. If your article can get 100,000 views within a month, then it shows the blog will earn $250 from that specific article.


Breaking down to how much the writer can earn, it’s a common blog financial management system that the website’s earnings are distributed as follows:

  • Social media marketing =10%
  • SEO = 10%
  • Maintenance (Web Structure, Hosting, Domain/SSL Cert Renewal, CDN, Backup, Premium Plugins, )=usually fixed, about 5%
  • Web development (stuff that makes the website useful in the future) 5%
  • Blog’s Profits= 35%
  • Content (Blogger Payment/writer’s compensation)=40%


So, if a news article can get 100k views in the first month after publishing, it should earn about $250 and the writer a minimum of $50-$150.


If they are doing interviews and excursions to get a story, then the price of a 500 to 1000-word news article could go as far as $200!


But, if you are simply looking to hire a copywriter, then a $50 is just okay for a 500 to 1000 words article.


Alternatively, you can employ the bloggers to write five news articles daily for your website on a monthly salary. That could be around $4000 to $6000 a month.


In short, the best way to pay your news bloggers is to consider how much their work pays you. Get a committed writer and pay them depending on the amount of revenue that their articles earn your website.


What’s the Blogger Payment for a Business Website?


What if you run a company and you are looking for a person to update your site with fresh, compelling, and converting content?

Pay Blogger Image
How much should you pay your business’ bloggers?

The business blog is quite different from a news site. While a news-blog is monetized primarily with ads, the company’s website acts as an online extension of the business. Therefore, the money you get comes from the sales you make.


But, the idea is still the same- pay your bloggers depending on the sales they bring in. However, the content you get should not be “perishable”. Now and then, you may require to get some news to stir up the traffic, but; your focus should be on evergreen content.


Evergreen posts could be those about the products you sell or their benefits to your customers. The style needed to make such content marks the difference between news and business blogs.


Think about topics that can keep your customers yearning and craving for your products. Now, that’s precisely what you need to publish on your business website!


Preferably, the writer should be an expert in your niche. They should be conversant with the products you are selling. And no- they don’t need to work from your office! Bloggers like to work as freelancers, and that’s how they do best!


So, how much do you pay bloggers for website posts? Let’s see:



Factors to Consider When Paying Your Company Blogger


Paying a writer boils down to the value that they add to your company. If they help you get more sales, then you shouldn’t be mean with the payment. But, some metrics will help you to come up with the final value:


Are You Looking To Hire Full Time Or Freelance Bloggers?


As I said, most writers prefer to work as freelancers. But, if you want more control over your employees, you may decide to set aside an office for the website department. No doubt, it also comes with extra costs such as office rent, power bills, computers, and other office paraphernalia.


For an office-based writer, consider finding one who can handle other technical parts of blogging. For instance, one who can write and publish directly to the website. Also, they should have basic skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Link Building, and Keyword Research. In short, the person you’re bringing to the office should:

  • Search for niche topics
  • Write good articles
  • Post compelling articles on the website, and,
  • Market the content.


If you hire a blogger for your company to do all these things, your budget should be somewhere in the region of $3500 to $8000 a month. But it’s worth it!


Alternatively, you can hire bloggers to work for you remotely. Virtual bloggers for hire typically study and write favorable posts for your website.


Freelance writers get paid on a per-article basis. If you find a good writer, you don’t have to put a word limit. They will cover their ideas in a reasonable word count. But, you can pay between $0.05 and $0.5 per word depending on the kind of content you need.


The downside with freelance writers is that you have to manage them. It’s in your best interest to promote one of the passionate and skilled writers to supervise the rest.


Keyword research and topic ideas are hectic, and this brings us to the second factor to consider when paying a blogger:



Who does the keyword/topic research?


Do you intend to provide the topics to the writer? Or do you want the writer to come up with the blog ideas?


If you’re providing the topics, then it means the bloggers only have to write the content. That’s a bit cheaper than researching the topic themselves.


Getting a topic idea may sound easy- but you need to research for phrases people search on Google to find your services.


Ahrefs helps you get these topics quickly- you just enter your idea, and the system gives you the possible keywords you can get. Keyword research tools such as Ahrefs and BuzzSummo are a little expensive and could cost your blogger more than you pay them. However, if the website is a lifeline for your business (you should make it so!), then the pricing of these tools is worth every penny!


Who are your customers?


Knowing your customers helps you understand what kind of content they need, and which blogger can create it. While standard grammar and traditional corporate styles are recommended for the average audience, you may want to use a specific style to speak to your customers.


For instance, if you’re selling trendy shoes for teens, consider hiring a blogger who speaks like them. Good command of slang and a little knowledge of hip-hop culture swag make a writer a good pick for a teen’s audience.


If you are selling gardening equipment, get a blogger who can speak into the hearts of farmers and gardeners. They should be experienced in gardening and be able to write like gardeners!


The customers should feel like they are hearing the voice of their fellow gardener recommending your products.


Blogger Payment: Are They Native vs. Non-Native?


Is your blogger able to write in the language your customers understand? In our case, what’s their English fluency level? Are they natives or their grammar is so bad you can even see their accent in their writing?


If you’re looking for articles for a link building campaign, then you should try non-natives. At least, such articles don’t always need to be top-quality. The majority of website owners in the world prefer Nigerians, Filipinos, and Kenyans as they have nearly-native grammar and charge low for web content!


Expect to pay them somewhere between $0.02 and $0.08 for such content. You might find freelancers that are desperate enough to take $10 or less for 1000 words of content. But, I’d rather you shun newbies and hire seasoned bloggers.


By native-level grammar, I don’t mean that the writer must be from the USA or UK. In fact, there many people in the country who speak excellent English but can’t write it! Writing depends on how much you read, and thus, anyone can come up with good content if they’ve read enough.


Thus, you can look for non-native experts to work on your blog. Of course, you’ll need to verify that they have proper grammar and writing skills. The good thing with non-US or UK writers is that they’ll charge you far less for equal, and sometimes better quality blogs!


Of course, you may not expect them to speak exactly as the natives- even the French, including Julio Iglesias, don’t speak fluent English! But, at least, their writing should be flawless. Many bloggers from the Philippines, Kenya, and Nigeria have learned English since they were kids. It’s in your best interest to tap on this potential!


In short, native bloggers are likely to be more expensive than those from overseas are. But, their pricing should be around $50 and $150 for 500 words. In any way, pay bloggers for their aptitude and experience rather than where they are based. Care more about the value the blogger brings to your company than where they come from.



FAQs: How Much to Pay Bloggers Summary

How much should I pay for a 500-word blog post?

Basically, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete a good, high quality 500-word blog post. So, if you decide to pay between $20 and $40 per hour, then a 500-word article costs $20 to $40! The average pay for a freelance writer in America is about $23.7, according to PayScale.

Of course, it all depends on the quality of the content you need. If you just need a copywriter, then you can pay as low as $1 on Fiverr or Upwork! But, if you want an experienced expert to write for you, it could cost you something to the north of $100!


What are the ideal freelance writing rates per word?


Again, this depends on the type of article. I don’t believe there’s anything like a complex or straightforward article- every post needs to be fully comprehensive, informative and optimized for conversions. So, the price could be $0.02 to over $0.5 a word.


VERDICT: Now, What’s the Blogger Payment for Your Business Site?


In brief, placing a business online is one of the best decisions an entrepreneur can make. Building a website’s reputation means populating it with meaningful content. That comes with hiring a team of writers.

The size of the team should be proportional to your goals. If you’re looking for ten articles a day, then you may want to hire two or three bloggers. But, if it’s one a day or a week, get a freelance writer to do that.


Knowing your customers well and choosing your writers wisely is the key to success. A blogger’s salary depends on the value they deliver to the website. You can only pay bloggers if their work is boosting your sales. Expect to pay between $23 and $100 per hour for quality blog posts.


Have you been hiring bloggers to work for your website? What’s your criterion for finding the right fit? Would you like me to fuel your site with fresh content? Or are you looking for a person who can manage your websites’ topic research, content creation, publishing, and marketing? Hire me now!

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