Best Kenyan Lawyers

Find the best Kenyan lawyers by the number of high-profile cases they have won. Also the best attorneys in our Kenya for criminal, family, divorce, constitutional, international, commercial, or industrial law cases. In 2021, the best lawyers in Kenya are Ngatia, Oraro, Githu, Orengo, Katwa Kigen, Ahmednassir, and Ombeta who are unbeatable in court cases.

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See how to hire the best Kenyan lawyers who seldom loses cases! If you think your rights are getting infringed by anyone, it’s high time you get the top Kenyan attorney. Kenya has a large number of experienced, well-trained, and plausible guys in the legal field.

Notably, the most experienced and competent advocates in this list form the bulk of the highest-paid lawyers in Kenya as well.

Summary list of the best Kenyan lawyers

Best Kenyan Lawyers
Best lawyers in Kenya

1 Githu Muigai

Professor Githu Muigai is more than just a senior counsel. There is a reason he sits at the throne of the best most famous, influential, vociferous, candid, factual Kenyan solicitors. His reputation is not only felt in Kenya but also Africa and the world at large.

Best Kenyan Lawyer, Most learned: Senior Counsel Professor Githu Muigai One of the most candid barristers in Kenya. Attorney General of Kenya from 2011 to 2018 Constitution Professor a the UoN Part of the Constitutional Review Commission Profound member of American Association of Trial Lawyers (AATL) Legal member of United Kingdom’s Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Former Rapporteur at United Nations Amicus Curiae at the 2013 election petition Vociferously represented the Government of Kenya at the ICC Member of the Council of Legal Education Board
Senior Counsel Professor Githu Muigai

When the Kenyan Government appointed him the Attorney General in 2011, it’s probably the best bet they ever made! In his short stay at the AG, Senior Counsel Professor Githu Muigai achieved more than any other AG in the history of Kenya did-, especially at the international scene.

Githu Muigai was a constitutional professor at the University of Nairobi. Moreover, he was part of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission. In the United States, Professor Githu Muigai is renowned for his roles in the trial justice. He’s a profound member of the American Association of Trial Lawyers (AATL).

In the United Kingdom, Professor Githu Muigai is a legal member of the Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Before serving as the Attorney General, Professor Githu Muigai also served as a Rapporteur at the United Nations’ branch for modern forms of intolerance. He was involved in legal matters against racism, ethnicism, and xenophobia.

Githu Muigai’s most glorious moments include in the 2013 election petition where he was an ‘amicus curiae.’ Githu also played a significant role in the acquittal of Kenyans indicted at the ICC. The highly experienced and well-learned legal representative brilliantly represented the Government of Kenya at the ICC.

He received accolades as the most proficient attorney at the court. Long before he became AG, (it is in the public domain) Githu taught former Chief Justice Dr. Chris Mutunga. After he resigned from the office of the AG in March 2018, Githu was appointed as a member of the Council of Legal Education Board.

Thus, when Senior Counsel Professor Githu Muigai earns the title of the best Kenyan lawyer, there is no plausible doubt!

Video of Githu Muigai at the ICC

2 George Oraro

SC Oraro is a lawyer with over 35 years of experience as an advocate of the High Court!

Best Lawyers in Kenya Senior Counsel George OraroSC who has more than 35 years of experience Majors in criminal litigation, Industrial, commercial and international law Represented the Central Bank of Kenya in the Goldenberg tribunals Successfully counselled Henry Kosgei out of the ICC prosecution Headed the CORD legal team in the 2013 presidential election petition
Senior Counsel George Oraro

One of the most proficient attorneys in Kenya, he is among the attorneys who seldom lose a case.

A pride of many clients, the commissioner of oaths comfortably occupies the runners up on the list of the top ten lawyers in Kenya. The legal fellow proudly has more than 35 years of experience.

He knows nearly every trick and hack of winning a court case in the country. Oraro has an excellent reputation in disciplines such as Criminal Litigation, International, Industrial, and commercial laws.

Blessed with stinging facts and a bold personality, he represented Henry Kosgei at the International Criminal Court (ICC). He played a major role in compelling the ICC prosecution to drop charges against Henry Kosgei.

Video of Senior Counsel George Oraro

Also, he was part of the CORD’s legal team in the 2013 election petition. In the Goldenberg Scandal tribunals, George Oraro represented the Central Bank of Kenya. He’s royally no.2 on this list of the best lawyers in Kenya! Number one! Before we reveal the best lawyer in Kenya, have you realized that 7/10 of the best attorneys on this list are Senior Counsels? Check our guide for more details.


3 Fred Ngatia

I feel guilty for placing Ngatia anywhere lower than the top position. But, I must admit that the competition is stiff!

Best Kenyan lawyers: Fred Ngatia Polite smooth speaking lawyer with stinging facts Listed as Kenya’s best lawyer by the Chambers and Partners in 2019 Justice Tunoi’s Lawyer in corruption case Represented Jubilee Coalition in 2013 presidential election petitions Represented President Uhuru in 2017 petition Lead legal crew for George Saitoti’s family in his murder case Proved innocence of former Vice President Saitoti in Goldenberg scandal’s tribunal
Fred Ngatia

Fred Ngatia is the polite smooth speaking lawyer with stinging facts.

Anyone hiring a Kenyan legal representative would want to have Ngatia on his side of the case. He is a legal power equator in industrial, criminal and constitutional matters.

Well, he’s not as controversial or publicly outspoken as Abdullahi, Muite or Orengo, but; his works earn him a spot in the list of the best lawyers in Kenya!

Fred Ngatia represented the Jubilee Coalition in the 2013 election petition. Ngatia also represented President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2018 presidential election petition.

The soft-spoken but firm Kenyan advocate was vocal in representing the family of the late former Vice President George Saitoti.

Equipped with vicious facts and a humble personality, he was able to prove the innocence of the former Minister of Security in the Goldenberg scandal. Basically, Ngatia was Saitoti’s personal or favorite lawyer.

Fred Ngatia’s Video

Ngatia was also vibrant in the Justice Tunoi corruption scandals case.

In March 2019, the Chambers and Partners international named Ngatia & Associates as the best legal firm in public interest and dispute resolution cases.


4 Ahmednassir Abdullahi

Ostensibly the most hilarious, sensational and controversial of all known barristers in Kenya. Abdullahi rightfully occupies position 4 in the list of the best lawyers in Kenya. Along with James Orengo, Grand Mullah is the kind of lawyer you’ll always find on the news!

Best Kenyan Lawyers: Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi (Grand Mullah)
One of Kenya’s most hilarious and social attorneys, Member of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) between 2010 and 2019. Represented IEBC during 2013 Election petitions Represented President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017 petition Former Dean of School of Law at UoN Regular publisher/commentator on Nairobi Law Monthly Most social SC on Social media, comments regularly on social matters
Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi

SC Abdullahi represented the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in the 2013 general elections petition. He is a former dean of the School of Law at the University of Nairobi.

As a member of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) between 2010 and 2019, he also played a significant role in hiring and checking the integrity of judges of the high court and Supreme Court.

He represented President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2017 petition

Video of Ahmednassir Abdullahi (Grand Mullah)

“Grand Mullah” as he’s fondly referred, has also been a columnist with local dailies. He earned the name when interviewing Supreme Court judges during his tenure as a JSC member. In 2013, he wrote one of the most popular and controversial articles in the Kenyan political landscape. In it, the Abdullahi called out the leader of the majority and a few others as ‘Test Tube Politicians’.

He’s one of the most sociable senior counsels on Social media, and doesn’t shy away from commenting on topical matters.

5 Paul Kibugi Muite

Known for his wide eyes that see the nit grits of the law, the former Member of Parliament for Kikuyu Constituency is one of Kenya’s most respected lawyers. Paul Muite is perhaps Kenya’s most popular attorney.

One of Kenya's best criminal and constitutional lawyers: Senior Counsel Paul Muite , Multipartism champion who was Jaramogi Oginga’s runningmate in 1992 Commercial, constitutional and Criminal Case Represented MauMau in their case against the British government Represented Mungiki leader Maina Njenga Media’s attorney in Digital Migration hearings Former Kikuyu Constituency MP unsuccessfully vied for presidency in 2013
Senior Counsel Paul Muite

He has been a long-term activist and politician. Together with Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, he co-founded the Forum for Restoration of Democracy (FORD) and was its vice-chairperson in 1992.

He majorly deals in criminal, industrial and constitutional cases. Paul Muite has been a leading champion of the Mau Mau’s lawsuit against the British government.

The Senior Council also successfully represented Mungiki leader Maina Njenga.

Video of Paul Muite in the Supreme Court

Paul Muite was the most vocal attorney in the Digital Migration cases, where he represented the media.

In 2013, Muite vied for Kenyan presidency but lost.

6 James Orengo

I must admit it was a tough decision placing this vociferous, diligent, and intelligent attorney as number six. It was also tricky to displace Wako. But, compared to Amos Wako (the longest-serving Attorney General in Kenya), James Orengo has been actively involved in both politics and court proceedings. He’s practiced law and political activism since his time at the University of Nairobi.

Best political lawyers in Kenya Senior Counsel James Orengo Most popular of all Kenyan politicians Powerful revolutionary politician and activist since his days in college Part of CORD’s Legal Team during 2013 presidential petition Led legal team that won 2017 P. election nullification Vied and lost for presidency in 2002 MP Ugenya 1980-2013, Siaya Senator from 2013. Minister of Lands in Coalition Govt., Leader of Minority in Senate
Senior Counsel James Orengo Legal Portfolio

Professor James Orengo was one of the attorneys who represented the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) in the 2013 general elections.

And, as NASA’s leading legal representative, he outperformed other lawyers in the 2017 election petition that saw the nullification of the presidential elections.

In that case, James Orengo, who headed a team of legal practitioners, tore apart the defense which included Katwa Kigen, Githu Muigai and PLO Lumumba who was famed for the “de minimis non-curat lex” quote.

Senior Counsel Orengo is also famed for his role in the second liberation of Kenya into a Multiparty democracy.

He’s been Ugenya MP since 1980 all the way to 2013. He’s been Siaya Senator since 2013.

He also vied for presidency in 2002 but lost to Simeon Nyachae, Uhuru Kenyatta and the Wamalwa-Agwambo-Kibaki NARC team that won the elections.

Video of James Orengo


Orengo was Lands Minister in the coalition Government and the Leader of Minority at the Senate from 2018.

With a record of prodigious works in the Kenyan legal sector, the activist, politician and lawyer deserves to be on the list of the top ten lawyers in Kenya!

7 Katwa Kigen

Best International Lawyer in Kenya: Katwa Kigen Most capped Kenyan lawyer in international courts Represented William Ruto in 2013 General Elections Represented Joshua Arap Sang at the ICC Hague One of the first African lawyers to represent a suspect at the ICC
Katwa Kigen Legal Portfolio

Talk of mastery of international law and you will understand why Katwa Kigen has to be on this list! As one of the top barristers in Kenya, Katwa Kigen has an extensive portfolio! He was the official legal representative for Deputy President William Ruto in the 2013 election Petition.

Video of Katwa Kigen

Kigen also represented Joshua Sang at the International Criminal Court (ICC). In fact, he’s the only African lawyer to represent a suspect in the International Criminal Court. And, his client won!

8 Njoroge Regeru

Njoroge Regeru- Top Kenyan Attorney
- Commercial law
- Constitutional matters
- Represented former Intelligence boss James Kanyotu in Goldenberg Tribunals
- Only lawyer who won 2013 presidential election petition with about spoilt votes
Njoroge Regeru Portfolio

Talking about the 2013 general election petition without mentioning Njoroge Regeru is blasphemous. How can you not mention the only lawyer whose petition won? You remember that part that said ‘…spoilt votes ought not to be counted…’?

I believe you recall how Chief Justice Willie Mutunga’s supreme court dismissed the first, second and third petitions. Dismissed Africog and Raila’s petition and said the election was free and fair, dismissed Uhuru and Ruto’s petition and ruled only the IEBC had powers to announce the winners of an election…but then, the supreme court handed the only victory of the 2013 general elections to Njoroge Regeru’s case about the spoilt votes!

Njoroge Regeru in Supreme court, 2013

Loaded with empirical propositions and whimsical analogies, he was able to convince the Supreme Court that spoilt votes were like spoilt fruits, which are nothing but smelly crumbs. The court ruled in his favor and thus giving his clients Dennis Itumbi, Moses Kuria and Sergon a great mileage!

Regeru was also the official representative of the Director of Intelligence James Kanyotu in the Goldenberg Tribunal.

9 Kenneth Fraser

Best Kenyan lawyer: Senior Counsel Kenneth Fraser A household name in commercial law Represented Banks, Insurance companies and senior personalities
Senior Counsel Kenneth Fraser

The head of the litigation arm of the Hamilton Harrison & Mathews law firm enjoys an impeccable reputation in the Kenyan legal circles. The Senior Counsel has created a great name in litigation cases. Expressly, Kenneth Fraser is renowned for his roles in commercial law. He has represented banks, insurance companies, and other industries.

10 Judy Thongori

Judy Thongori is the queen of family law in Kenya! The former head of FIDA is among the lawyers who never lose a case quickly! She is a women’s darling- you don’t touch your wife when she says no!

Best Kenyan attorney: #10 Judy Thongori Former Federation of Kenya Women Lawyers (FIDA) Chairperson Family Law Championing gender equality
Judy Thongori- Best Female Kenyan Lawyer

Criteria: So, what makes the best lawyers in Kenya?

  1. Those rarely lose cases!

Of course, we want to find those that are used to winning. The best lawyer should be have a high winning rate for the cases he or she represents.

  • Number of high profile cases won.

A lawyer could be termed as great for winning five cases. But, you’d rather hire a Kenyan lawyer who has won 80 out of 100 cases than one who has only won 5/5. Also, a lawyer who has won 3 out of 5 precedential high profile cases is far better than one who has won five out of five cases involving chicken thieves and other petty offenses.

  • Factor number three is the Number of cases they’ve been engaged in.

We are not looking at lawyers who have been involved in ten cases and won nine. No, we want those that have represented hundreds (if not thousands) of clients and won a large chunk of those cases. In short, experienced lawyers are far better than newbies and rookies.

  • Peer reviewed

We want lawyers who have been recommended by other lawyers. Those that have a good reputation among their peers. For example, if James Orengo tells you Githu Muigai is a great lawyer, or Muite says Oraro is a genius, then we should pick that as a factor!

  • Senior Counsel Status

The best lawyers in Kenya are ideally those who occupy the apex of respect in the legal system. The Law Society of Kenya has a “seniority” ladder that differentiates students, interns, those in the school of law, fresh graduates, ordinary lawyers, professors, advocates, Commissioners of Oaths, and Senior Counsels. The SC status is the greatest any Kenyan attorney can achieve.

Certainly, SCs are considered better lawyers than other attorneys. We have also published a detailed guide list of all senior counsels in Kenya and how to become one.

Several other Kenyan lawyers have proved to be gurus. It was hard leaving out people like Amos Wako- the longest-serving attorney general in the history of Kenya. Constitutional attorney and senior counsel George Khaminwa was hard to leave behind.

Others such as Rachel Omamo, Nelson Havi, Gibson Kamau Kuria, and Irungu Kang’ata also deserve appreciation. Cliff Ombeta’s star has been shinning recently, and he deserves mention. His role in criminal justice during Okoth Obado’s case shook waves around the country’s airwaves.

However, the names above are distinctly for the top 10 best Kenyan lawyers. Do you think we left someone out? Who is the best lawyer in Kenya, according to you? Let’s know in the comment section below.


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