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Apply KRA PIN registration at The Guide Kenya cybercafe using simple steps. See the requirements, tax exception, and registration process here. Also, the easiest way to download and print KRA PIn Certificate online. Also, find reasons to have a KRA iTax account for rental, individual, non citizen, employed, business, company, diaspora, and any other you may want!

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Learn how to apply KRA PIN certificate online via The Guide Kenya online cybercafé. The Kenya Revenue Authority PIN certificate contains a personal identification number that helps you transact with the government, its agencies, companies, and other people. It is proof that you have registered as a taxpayer. In brief, a KRA PIN certificate is a document that shows you’re a registered taxpayer in Kenya. You can register a PIN as an individual, company, non-Kenyan resident, or organization.


You can apply for KRA PIN registration in three main ways:

  • Manually, by going to the KRA county offices or Huduma Center
  • By reading this long article and following each step for your online application
  • Or, you can contact us (The Guide Kenya Online Cybercafé) to do it for you at a small fee. This method is easy, and you’ll receive your KRA PIN Certificate in a few minutes. It is fast, instant, and cheaper because you don’t have to travel anywhere or move out of your coach. Just dial the WhatsAppHelp” button and tell us to help you. Pay for the service, and get your PIN registered immediately.




How to Apply For KRA PIN Registration


Now, when you have all documents in place, it is time to get on the iTax portal and start registering for your KRA PIN. You can decide to pay your fare and other expenditures- including dedicating a whole day- to travel to the KRA offices for the registration. Or, you can register it yourself online (which I won’t lie will be hectic. Or, use our trusted 20-minute method for:


Easiest way to get a KRA PIN Certificate in 20 Minutes!

If you are in a hurry, you can send these details to us, and we’ll do it for you in less than 30 minutes. You can call +254771775916 or WhatsApp or us using the “Help?” feature on your left. We’ll need the following details:

  • A picture of your National ID Card (Both Sides)
  • Your address, g., P.O. Box 491, 10100, Nyeri
  • A valid email, g., If you don’t have an email, we can create one for you
  • A valid phone number, g., +254771775916
  • Profession or business- What do you do for a living?
  • Employment status: send your employer’s KRA PIN if you’re employed.
  • 5 minutes of your time: We’ll need you to confirm your email through an OTP.


How do I Apply for KRA PIN Online as an individual Kenyan citizen?

  • Your National ID Card and the details therein.
  • Date of Birth
  • Your phone contacts
  • Date of registration
  • Current Address and residence: PO BOX, Street, House/Building Number, etc.
  • Source of income- Are you employed? Do you have a business? Are you the director of a company? Or do you have rental houses?
  • If you’re employed, have the name or KRA PIN of the organization you work for.
  • Your profession or skill: Are you a teacher, hairdresser, vendor/hawker, journalist, civil servant, ?
  • Legally married partner’s name, KRA PIN and ID
  • KRA Tax Agent KRA PIN: if you have any


Steps of Applying KRA PIN on iTax


Now, when you are settled with all the requirements, as a Kenyan resident, you can use your national Identification Card to sign up for a KRA PIN. Noteworthy, the iTax system hasn’t allowed Passports or VISA to be used on it yet. So, here are the steps of getting a KRA PIN on iTax:

Register New KRA PIN iTax
Register New KRA PIN on the iTax portal
  1. First, you need to log on to the iTax Portal
  2. There, you’ll find a question asking you whether you want to apply for a new KRA PIN. Click on the “New PIN Registration
  3. That will lead you to a page where you choose what kind of taxpayer you are. Are you an individual or a non-individual (business entity/organization)? Also, do you want to register online, or you want to fill the form offline then upload later? I recommend you choose “Online Form” for a quick experience. Then, hit next.
KRA e-Registration form
KRA eRegistration Taxpayer type and Mode of registration
  1. Step three is about filling your Basic Information on the online form with your details. Basically, they’re going to need you to state your citizenship, what you do for a living, SMS alert subscription, Email and phone addresses, ID card details, postal address, etc.
Basic Information Applying KRA PIN registration
Basic Information Applying KRA

Typically, once you enter your Citizenship (Kenyan), National ID Number and Date of Birth, the system will populate the other areas with your other details. The government already has information about your mother, father, etc., and all they have to do is fish it out from the Registration Bureau Systems. You may also want to include your spouse’s particulars if you are married. That will get you a tax deduction.


  1. After you’ve filled the form, tap on the “Send OTP” option. You’ll need to enter the One Time Password (OTP) to confirm your email. Typically, it expires after 15 minutes, so you have to rush to your email. If you can’t see it in your inbox, check from your Junk or Spam folder.


Apply KRA PIN registration Contact information, OTP email confirmation
OTP email confirmation and other Contact information needed in KRA Registration


  1. The next step is about entering your Bank account details that you can use to get tax refunds. It’s up to you to decide whether that step is worth it. Choose Yes or No from the dropdown menu.
KRA PIN Registration Bank Account Details Partnership or Director of Business details
Adding Bank account details to your KRA Certificate
  1. Then, if you are a partner, trustee or director of a company or business that has been registered with KRA, then here is the place to declare it. Choose the Entity Type- whether it is a Corporate, Partnership, or Trustee. Enter the organization’s/business’ KRA PIN. The name and registration certificate number will be populated for you. After this step, hit “Next.”


  1. After hitting next, you’ll move to the Obligation Details form. Here, you’re supposed to enter the type of taxpayer you are. Are you an employer? Then you should choose the Income Tax PAYE Are you a non-citizen? Then you should go for Tax Non-Resident. Or, are you a Resident Citizen? Income Tax Resident is for you. Check the box beside your obligation and enter the day you’ve registered (Today). Then, hit “Next.”
KRA Certificate Registration Tax Obligation Details
KRA Certificate Registration Tax Obligation Details
  1. The C step is a form for declaring income sources. How do you get your money: is it from employment, business or rental houses? Choose “Yes” alongside your case. If you’re not employed, then choose No for each case, and next immediately after that. And, if you get income from income, business, and rentals, then you have to select “Yes” for every source.
KRA CERTIFICATE Source of Income
KRA CERTIFICATE Source of Income
  1. Applying KRA PIN for employment income requires you to choose “Yes.” Then, indicate the KRA PIN number for all your employers. Once you provide the system with the employer’s KRA PIN, it will populate the other fields with the organization’s name. You can add as many employers as you have by just clicking the “Add” button.
Apply KRA PIN Registration for Employment Income
Editing Employment Income on your KRA PIN Certificate
  1. If you operate a registered business, you should choose “Yes” for the PIN Registration of Business Income. Then, indicate the Business Registration Number, address, and contact details. Also, remember stuff like when you started the business, when you registered it and whether it is a VATable business. In simple words, whether it is qualified to pay Value Addition Tax (VAT).
Apply KRA PIN Registration for Business Income
Business Income on Kenya Revenue Authority’s Certificate
  1. The other section is KRA PIN Registration for Individuals with Rental Income. You’re going to fill in the type of houses you rent out. Is it a hotel from where you grant rest and accommodation? Or, is it the traditional flats (plot*) that people normally rent? Fill in all the details about the income you get from renting your property to people or organizations. This should include accommodation or hostels for school owners. Then, tap on “Next.”
KRA PIN Registration for Rental Income Individuals
KRA Registration for Rental Income Individuals
  1. The final form has information about Your Tax Agent. Have you assigned a firm or licensed expert to be filing your returns or doing your taxation work for you? Whether you are a company or an individual, you may need such assistance from legitimate advocates or accountants. Make sure to indicate their KRA PIN, authorization date, and other info. This gives KRA the go-ahead to allow them to access your tax details. You can contact us to help you out with the KRA agent details part.
KRA AGENT DETAILS on the iTax Application Form
KRA AGENT DETAILS on the iTax Application Form



  1. After that, you should hit the “Submit” option to send your KRA application to the system. The iTax system will then tell you if you have made any errors. It will let you edit the mistakes for a perfect After everything is clear, and you have confirmed the details provided to be correct, solve the simple arithmetic to prove you are human and re-submit the form.
Download Print KRA PIN Certificate
Download Print KRA PIN Certificate
  1. Download and print your KRA PIN certificate from the iTax Website. Hurray! You’re done!


Who needs to apply KRA Registration PIN?


Every Kenyan citizen should have a Kenya Revenue Authority PIN as long as they are old enough to pay tax (which means it’s literally everyone). But, the emphasis is laid on everyone above the major age of 18, especially if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • A businessperson
  • You are employed
  • Have rental income
  • You want to apply for a HELB loan
  • Run a company
  • Or, if you need to use the PIN in any of the following situations:


Instances that you MUST have a KRA PIN


There are several times you will need a certificate proving that you are registered as a taxpayer. Here is a list of some of them:


  • Motor Vehicle Registration and payment of Advance tax: It is a requirement under the licensing Traffic Act (Cap 403). In short, you cannot own a car in Kenya if you have not KRA registration number.
  • If you want to register with NTSA and TIMS
  • Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT): You must have a KRA certificate to have a company’s VAT status.
  • Insurance policies will need your PIN if you want to have them underwrite policies.
  • If you want to own a company, then you should register the business name with the Registrar of Companies. A KRA Certificate is a necessary
  • If you need a Trade License from the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, then you must have a PIN.
  • Do you need to get your plans, permits, payments, Land Rent, and Rates, Water Deposits, etc. approved by local authorities? Print out a KRA PIN Certificate today!
  • Plus, whenever you think of connecting power to your newly bought property, then you should be sure of providing your KRA Certificate to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited office near you.
  • If you want to buy or sell land in Kenya, then you require to have stamps and processing of the Title Deed and other instruments. The Commissioner of Lands will need you to register with KRA to process this.
  • Would you like to participate in foreign trade? If you want to import goods, or even export them abroad, you will need to be cleared by the Commissioner of Customs and Excise. This, too, requires your KRA certificate.
  • If you want to get contracts or tenders from corporations and the Government, you will require to KRA registration.
  • When you want to apply Huduma Namba.
  • If you want to apply for a Kenyan Passport online
  • Opening any bank account in Kenya
  • A KRA Tax Compliance Certificate and PIN are requirements when applying for a job.


KRA Tax Obligations


You’ll need to choose your tax obligation when you decide to register for a KRA PIN certificate. Residents and non-residents are obliged to pay:

Value Added Tax (VAT): This applies to anyone who supplies any taxable services or goods.

Income Tax: If you’re employed, non-employed, business owner, etc., you must pay your income tax. The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) demands that every citizen, resident, or non-citizen in Kenya pays their income tax. This includes filing annual tax returns.

Pay As You Earn (PAYE): Every employed Kenyan resident must pay his or her KRA PAYE.


KRA PIN Registration Requirements


First, you need to prove your tax obligation or citizenship status. Also, whether you’re employed, an intern/student or you do business. And yes- you will use documents that prove your business is registered when you are getting one for your company. If you’re not a citizen by birth, you’re required to show the documents that show who you are.

Apply KRA PIN Registration Online Here
Apply KRA PIN Certificate Online Here

Requirements of employees working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Organizations:

There are privileges guaranteed for all employees working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and those in specific International Organizations as specified in the Privileges and Immunities Act (CAP 179).


You need:

  • KRA Acknowledgement Receipt
  • KRA PIN for the organization you work for
  • Passport and ID card (both original and photocopies)
  • A copy of the exemption page endorsement on your passport
  • A letter from the ministry or organization you work for showing that you are endorsed to receive the privileges.


Requirements of Non-Citizen Interns or Students who reside in Kenya


  • Passport (Original and Copy)
  • KRA Acknowledgement Slip
  • Letter of the introduction of the employer as it appears on the online registration form
  • Kenyan Special Pass, endorsed page (original and photocopy for both)


Registration Requirements for Resident Non-Citizen Employee/Professional

  • Original and a copy of your passport
  • A letter from your employer introducing you
  • Employer PIN as entered in the electronic registration form
  • An original plus a copy of your Kenyan special pass
  • An official KRA Acknowledgement Receipt



KRA PIN Requirements for Diplomats who reside in Kenya

Diplomats are ambassadors, high commissioners, consulates or missions from foreign countries to Kenya. They, too, need to have the precise tax payment details. These are the documents required for registration:


  • KRA Acknowledgement receipt
  • Original and a copy of passport
  • A Diplomatic Card (both original and copy)
  • A letter of introduction that has the certification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Copy of tax exception as endorsed on the passport


KRA PIN Requirements for British Army Officers


Members of the British Army in Kenya also need to apply for a KRA PIN, but; unlike Kenyans or other residents, they will have to do it manually at the KRA offices. You will have to prove that you indeed are a member of the British Military and that you understand your obligations as per the agreement between the two countries. Below are the requisite documents:

  • Original passport
  • Acknowledgment Receipt
  • A copy of the MoU agreement between Kenya and Britain
  • Letter of introduction provided by the British Peace Support Team based in Kenya


Non-Citizens who have been married to Citizens

  • A Certified Copy of your marriage certificate
  • The ID Card and KRA PIN of your spouse
  • Passport (Original and photocopy)
  • Dependents’ Pass (Original and photocopy)
  • Special Pass Pages (Original and Photocopy)
  • KRA Acknowledgement Receipt

Any questions? Or do you want a KRA Tax Compliance Certificate TCC? Let’s talk in the comment section below. We’ll appreciate if you share to your friends.

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