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The internet is a whole new world for a lot of people. Inasmuch as reports indicate that more than 75% of Kenyans browse the internet at least once a week, the web remains a new phenomenon for millions of citizens. That’s where The Guide Kenya chips in. We make your digital life simple by guiding you through various online services.

Figure this out: you want to apply for government services, but you don’t know who to ask. For instance, you want to buy property, register for a KRA PIN, pay your tax, open a company, apply for an online job or even get Huduma Center services online. The Kenyan government has placed almost all its services on the internet. Or, you want a service from a quasi-government or corporate institution. Indeed, you need an experienced and dedicated guide to walk you through.

So, what do we do?

At The Guide Kenya, we offer you an online cyber. Instead of traveling to town or the cyber café several kilometers away, we propose to do it all for you by bringing the cyber/services to your palms, literally!

The Guide Kenya is An Online Cyber Café in Your Palms


As An Online Cyber Café in Your Hands, we connect you to the world at the comfort of your couch. We care about your satisfaction, and thus, we are not only committed to offering content that answers your questions about the internet but to also equip you with skills that are handy in the world of the web.

Online Huduma Center Services

If, for instance, you want service at a Huduma Center, we shall step in the gap to offer such services online. We are definitely not part of the Huduma Center initiative in any way (maybe apart from the fact that we’re Kenyan citizens lol!), but; we make access to these services more straightforward and efficient. We’ll help you access the corporate, governmental and quasi-governmental services on the internet without having to move out of your house.

We are definitely not part of the Huduma Center initiative. We are a team of Kenyans who want to make the internet simpler for you!


We don’t aim to compete with Huduma Center, though- what we do is bring their services closer to you. However, there are several noticeable benefits that you get from using our site over the Huduma Centers. First, you get to save your time. Our services and guide-posts are convenient as we bring them right at the comfort of your phone or computer. If you hire us to do the services it for you (like you’d do at a cybercafé) it, you’ll get your KRA PIN, Driving License, etc. in just a few minutes.

In short, we rid you of the hustle of having to travel to the Huduma Center and queue for a whole day only to get services you’d have received on the internet. With us, you get served as soon as you place your order. We’re not here to compete with Huduma Centers but rather, to supplement the delivery of services.

Touring Kenya

Are you new to Kenya? Well, we are your faithful, welcoming partner. If you are planning to tour Kenya any time soon, we’ll provide quality, trustworthy and updated information on how to go about it. This includes how to book hotels, acquire Kenyan Visa documents as per the law as well as link you to top-notch guides.

We’ll also review different hotels and tourist sceneries for you. We’ll also let you know the best times to visit the country, e.g.; pricing, climate, competition as well as peace and stability. Every state has its dark side, and so, we’ll also alert you on when not to be around.

Placing your Business on the web

We are committed to helping businesses broaden their territories. According to the Statista Organization, the number of online buyers is on an exponential increase. In fact, the report estimates that by 2022, more than 2.14 billion people in the world will be shopping online.

This makes it compulsory for entrepreneurs to have an online presence- a platform from where you can sell your products. We’re glad to help business owners create a website, engage with potential customers and lay out clear marketing strategies.

In this regard, too, we offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web content services. In short, we’ll create posts and stories for your website and help you be visible to millions of potential clients across the world.

Our content writers comprise of accredited journalists. We believe in writing content in flawless grammar, 0% plagiarism and a custom tone depending on the services you offer. We write in a way that will compel people who visit your website to buy your services or products. So, if you need us, reach us now at

Online Business Services

  • Website development
  • Web content creation (writing articles to promote your products)
  • Keyword research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online marketing and brand promotion
  • Web management

The Complete Kenyan Guide

We’re not just like any other website on the internet. Our main aim is to make your online life easy. That’s why we provide authentic, deeply researched, actionable and tested information. We’re also ready to answer your questions and even help you out when you’re stuck.

At The Guide Kenya, we take the bold step of giving you objective reviews of the services offered by companies across the country. We’ll tell you whether it is worth it to subscribe to an insurance policy, SACCO shares, loan, etc.

Our mission

We are committed to putting Kenya on the global map when it comes to web-matters. First, we aim at helping Kenyans use the web without any glitches. Again, we want to enlighten Kenyans and non-Kenyans about this great country. As long as you are happy and satisfied, we are glad too!

Our Team

Kinyua Njeri



An internet nomad with over six years of web creation and content production. He has a degree in Literature and several skill-based skills in Web Design, internet marketing, SEO and eCommerce. Kinyua’s work has appeared on, among others, The Christian Monitor, The Nairobi Times, Bitcoin Africa, Spy Advice as well as the 10 Buzzes Magazine.

Simon Gichimu

Editorial Chief

Simon is a holder of a Communication’s degree and a renowned author of several bestsellers. He is in charge of the editorial board at The Guide Kenya.

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