Fun Fact: Did you know only 5% of people read the Terms and Conditions pages on websites? We thought you should know!

At The Guide Kenya, we care about our relationship with you. We pledge to provide you with interesting, informative content and high-quality services. For the sake of a smooth correlation, we seek to have an agreement with you.

Our Terms of Service page describes how you use Our Website, Apps and other platforms patented under The Guide Kenya. It must be read together with the Privacy Policy. By opening our pages or scrolling through the, we assume you have already read, understood, and agreed to our terms of service. This page, together with our privacy policy, represents the legal framework upon which the use of this website is based. The Terms of Use is a legally abiding agreement between you and Please read it carefully before using our site.

  1. The use of our services and opening our website constitutes the acceptance of the Terms of Service stipulated on this page as well as the Privacy Policy.
  2. By using The Guide Kenya, you agree that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  3. Throughout The Guide, “we” and “us” shall mean website, all our features, and assets. “You” shall refer to the user or anyone interacting with our platforms, pages, content or features or/and using our services.
  4. Make sure to provide only accurate information when signing up with us.
  5. The Guide Kenya is by no means responsible for third party content posted by other people. This includes ads, comments, and guest posts.
  6. We vehemently oppose plagiarism and the unlicensed copying or replication of content in the form of text, pictures, videos or other media. Any information we borrow from other websites or sources shall be referenced appropriately. Likewise, any material borrowed or copied from this website must be linked to the source ( or the exact URL to the page from which the content has been copied. Any user-generated content that may constitute copyrighted material, not in tandem with our privacy policy may be deleted.
  7. Copying any more than 50 (fifty) words verbatim from this website may attract serious litigation under the laws of Kenya.
  8. This website and its features are patented. Any unlawful transfer of the code, content or design from this online platform may constitute a criminal offense.
  9. Each user shall be assigned one account. Any content posted by our non-executive users is their own. We do not ascertain the correctness of such material.
  10. Our content is for educational and recreational purposes only. We often strive to update it to match the real-time research, correctness, technological advancements and procedures. However, we do not guarantee perfection.
  11. Our content is open to general viewing as we adhere to family values. However, we require users to be of major age-so that they can be old enough to consent to our legal terms legally. If you are not 18 yet (as per the Laws of Kenya, or adult as per the significant age in your country), we advise you to seek parental guidance.
  12. It is free to read the articles on our website, watch the videos, comment, contact us and share the content to your social media platforms as long as that does not infringe the copyright and intellectual property of The Guide. However, we may charge for customized premium services.
  13. We encourage fair use of our platform by our users. However, we are not responsible for any of the information, content or material provided by the users. Comments that tend to contradict our terms of use may be removed.

Advertising and Endorsements

This section describes the use of ads on our website.

  1. To sustain our website, we may use ads and sponsorships. We outsource our ads from Google, Amazon and or other licensed companies. This may include links to other sites, products or services.
  2. Google and other ad services may use cookies to determine which adverts are best for you. You have the freedom to opt out of the ads via the Google-ads settings. Learn more about how Google handles your personal info in their ads here.
  3. We are not liable for the ads posted on our site as that is a responsibility of our ad-service providers
  4. Neither The Guide nor its affiliates will be responsible for any information on the ads, nor for the losses, damages or injuries incurred as a result of the use, participation or dependence on Third Party Ads or their products.

Pricing and Payment

The Guide may opt to offer payable services targeted at premium users. Such users will require to contact us before making a purchase.

  1. The prices shall be quoted in Kenya Shillings or the equivalent in US dollars, UK Pounds or Euros depending on your convenience or geographical location.
  2. The payment may be made via credit cards, MPESA, PayPal bank transfer or any other method that The Guide Kenya may introduce or find convenient. We shall not accept immature cheques.
  3. Payment may be needed before the delivery of our products and services. If not, then the payment may be due as soon as the order is accepted.
  4. The Guide Kenya reserves the right to accept or decline payments of any form.
  5. To increase the efficiency of our security measures, The Guide does not hold any card details. Instead, such information is maintained as per the legal agreements of the third party payment gateway providers.

Termination of Use

You are free to opt out of our services at any time. Premium users can always terminate their accounts whenever they need to. Ordinary users can close the tab and by so doing discontinue their sessional use of our site. The Guide reserves the right to approve, suspend, terminate or close user accounts if-but not limited to- the user contradicts our terms of use.


Neither The Guide, any content owner or third party licensors nor their respective agents, proprietors, employees, directors, contractors or subsidiaries are liable for any indirect, punitive, consequential, special or exemplary damages or loss of any kind that may arise from your use of this website.

The Guide shall employ reasonable efforts to protect the personal information you provide, and all our use of such information shall be in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. By using this website, you acknowledge that your submission of any information is at your own risk to the amounts provided for by the law. The Guide Kenya hereby disclaims any (and all) liability for the loss, injury or damage that may result from such kind of information in any way.

Questions regarding our agreement

If you have any inquiries about this agreement, feel free to contact The Guide’s Customer Support team. All questions, comments, and inquiries about this agreement should be directed to or You can also fill in the form provided below. We endeavor to reply to queries within 48 hours of receipt.

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