Illuminati Kenya facts

Are the Illuminati Kenya members looking to spoil your life? Here’s everything you need to know about the occult- the members, churches, location, and membership. See the facts, Vs Myths on The Guide Kenya

Illuminati Kenya Facts Versus Myths

I used to believe that occults are real, and that devil worship controls humanity. I was superstitious but after reading enough, I got “enlightened”. So, a while ago, I got inspired to write about Illuminati in Kenya when we had a heated-up discussion with a few friends. One of them made bold claims that most Kenyan politicians in Kenya are linked to the occult, and when he gave their names, I objected vehemently- they was the names of politicians he didn’t support. But, I realized that at that time, my facts were scanty. I needed to research widely and come up with a definitive answer about anything do with Illuminati Kenya. Fortunately, lots of resources were available for me to scour. And, that’s how I came up with this post.

Illuminati Kenya facts
Everything you need to know about the Illuminati, especially in Kenya


I have to agree that it was difficult finding true information on the web. For instance, when I Googled out “Illuminati members list in Kenya” I saw some dubious names which meant I had to take on better research. As at now, I can authoritatively say that mine is at least 90 percent correct. Of course, I did not write up this article from direct interaction with members of the occult. Instead, I relied on resources that are deemed trustworthy in this area. If you are a member of the occult yourself, or you know someone, please contact me for a direct interview.

And, according to Our Constitution 2010, everyone has freedom of worship. You can worship anything, anyone, anywhere or anybody you want! Whether it is a god, a devil, a rock, a river, Mt. Kenya, Jupiter, etc., you are at liberty to do it so long as you don’t infringe into other people’s rights!

The Grapevine: Popular Illuminati Practices

Devil Worshiping in Kenya is popular for all the wrong things. First, that the occult is said to be responsible for most road accidents in the country. They change their looks to confuse drivers and then cause accidents. Some say the Masonic agents in Kenya are even capable of becoming black cats.

Second, that Illuminati Kenya members-allegedly- kidnap and sacrifice children. They drink the blood of these children. Ye, they also sacrifice their children and relatives. An ultimate price is barter for the fortunes that come along with devil worshipping in Kenya.

Third, that Free Masons meet at night and invoke the devil. Their Satanic rituals at times rough up most of the moral values in the society. Like the rest, Illuminati members in Kenya focus on ruling the world. The occult strives to confuse everyone with the many charitable activities they do. They are the best givers. But, that is meant to puzzle and possibly recruit more members to Free Masonry.

Fourth, most devil worshippers in Kenya are the rich, famous and influential. Politicians, pastors, musicians, business moguls and media people form the bulk of devil worship agencies in the country.

But What Exactly Is The Illuminati? Brief History Of Illuminati

In history, Illuminati is first traced as a “group” of elite scientists in the 1500s. The top-crème devotees of scientific research like Galileo Galilei (the guy who invented the telescope) the early form of the Illuminati. They wanted to defend themselves against the antagonist Catholic Church.

Galileo Galilei invented the Telescope. He claimed the earth was round and was persecuted by the authorities. Together with other scientists, they formed an 'Illuminati caucus".
Galileo Galilei invented the Telescope. He claimed the earth was round and was persecuted by the authorities. Together with other scientists, they formed an ‘Illuminati caucus”.

The main motive of the Illuminati was to defend the members from persecution by Christian groups and political leaders. Galileo and the other scientists always saw the movement as a smart way to share ideas. Actually, “Illuminati” simply means ‘the enlightened’ or “illuminated” or “educated.” Better still, ‘those who know.’ They believed the movement would shield them from being killed by the political leaders. At that time, most of the innovations made were against extremist and conservative doctrines.

Galileo and his friends had nothing to do with satanic worship. As you’d expect, the majority of those scientists were atheists and had nothing to do with religious beliefs, gods or devils. Their “Illuminati” movement was only for fellowship purposes- like we have a scout’s movement, debate club, or student organization.

I’d say the history of Kenyan Illuminati is worthwhile. Learning where the Kenyan Free Masons came from gives a quick background check. The Illuminati is one of the most elite section of Satanism- at least according to most sources. As you’re soon going to find out, the Illuminati are not the same people as Free Masons. Before spreading to Kenya, The Order of the Illuminati started on 1st May 1776 at Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany.

1776 is the same year the United States gained independence from Britain. Led by Adam Weishaupt, the first members were comprised of the rich and powerful. They referred themselves as the Bavarian Illuminati. Membership to the Bavarian Illuminati was restricted to scientists, the rich and famous.

The contemporary freemasons in Kenya (and the world) have a history that’s quite different from that of the likes of Galileo Galilei. The Bavarian Illuminati’s focus was mainly on conquering the world. They were determined to use every power at their disposal to ensure they accomplish this. Also, Adam and the other members of the Bavarian crème wanted to have the world at their feet. But, how hard would it be trying to control human beings without being supernatural? Therefore, they decided to invoke Satanism.

Process of Becoming a FreeMason in Kenya

Having known the origin of Kenya Illuminati, we can now find the conditions of joining. Or, the process of joining the “church.”

Anytime such a thought crosses your mind; please get a counselor. Why? The results are quite devastating. Many of the purported members of Illuminati live with regrets. They wish they had never ‘sold their souls’ to the devil.

Once you join, it is crucial to understand that you cannot reverse it. Anyone who tries that is killed. You will have your family gone. Most of the things you value in life will be nowhere to see. The desperation itself is too much.

Maybe, most Kenyan youth who want to join Illuminati can learn a few things from that.

Here Are the Requirements of Joining Illuminati

  • 1 You must be fifthly rich
  • 2 You must believe in a supernatural being
  • 3 You must be popular
  • 4 You must be influential
  • 5 You must be ready to give a willing alter sacrifice. (Most cases, your first born, parents or spouse)
  • 6 You must be willing to keep the secrets
  • 7 You must be self-independent
  • 8 You must be ready for everything you are told.
  • 9 You must willingly do as asked to.
  • 10 You must agree to sell your soul to the devil. This is irreversible.
  • 11 You must say creeds and vows.
  • 12 You must take part in weekly rituals at the lounges.

Illuminati Kenya Contacts

In brief, it is usually hard to contact the Kenyan devil worshippers. The Free Masons call you instead. If they get interested in you, they find you. It is not the other way round. But you can be recommended by individuals within the occult. Also, you may become one of them if your parents already are into the Free Masonry.

Illuminati Kenya Location

Free Masons in Kenya found in nearly all the major cities. Also, you can find them in industrial areas. They build lounges as their temples. This is where they meet and perform their rituals. The most popular is in the Nairobi CBD. But, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, and Nyeri (King’ong’o) also have the ‘Devil Worshiper Churches in Kenya.’

Illuminati Kenya Facebook

So, do occults in Kenya have Facebook pages? Well, like any other organization, the devil; worshippers have hundreds of pages. They don’t shy away! You can find Umbra, Five Star, and many others. Also, the Free Masons have agents who keep preaching the satanic messages to people. And of course, we have several masqueraders who want to fleece your money lol! Illuminati Kenya Facebook users work hard to recruit members or find victims. Thus, you got to be a little careful who you deal with on Facebook!

Illuminati Kenya Members

Now, very few people in Kenya are Illuminati members. However, many bloggers will trick you with unfounded rumors. They scream things like “Top 10 list of Illuminati Kenya pastors”, ‘Kenyan Illuminati celebrities,’ politicians in the Illuminati” blah blah blah!

But let’s face it. Illuminati is a secret organization. Free Mason is another, just like the Illuminati. So, how do these bloggers possibly know the members of Illuminati in Kenya if they are not devil worshipers themselves? Seriously, but for speculations, there is no possible way to determine who is a member of Illuminati or not!

The statement does not entirely mean there are no Illuminati members in Kenya. Instead, it is only an urge to make people get more clinical with facts. In 1995, President Moi formed a commission to investigate devil worshipping in Kenya. The commission, led by the Nyeri Archbishop Nicodemus Kirima, reported that devil worshiping in Kenya was responsible for miscellaneous deaths.

According to The Guardian, one of the witnesses who came before the investigative committee said that she was a student when she was taken to a lounge. Then, the student narrated, the body of a human being was brought at the altar where it was roasted. The congregation then ate it and drank blood.

The Devil Worshipping Commission recommended the government to sue those who killed in the name of practicing of ‘Religion.’ The findings of that commission were epic, unreliable and superstitious: and, that’s why you won’t hear about them any time soon!

Daily Nation’s Headline about the Devil Worshiping Commission.

Many scholars and writers of the time bashed the report as a mere fallacy. When the Mormon Church was implicated, in the report, the Kenyan Mission director Kirk Waldron said “we can never accept any judgmental or damaging lies about the practices of our church.

John Githongo, who was by then a director at the African Strategic Research Institute said that the commission was nothing but a “ridiculous commission, out to research a ridiculous thing, only to end up with a ridiculous report.”

When Weekly Citizen implicated Nairobi-based business moguls Samuel Macharia and Chris Kirubi, they dismissed the allegations to entirety. Macharia said: “Desperate people can do anything to explain their hardship. What they need to know is that their problems have everything to do with the political and economic atmosphere than Satan!”

My Verdict on Illuminati

Sorry, the article was a little longer than expected. However, it has addressed all your concerns, has it? Briefly, the real names of Kenyans in Illuminati are not in the public domain for display. For clinical data, we must let you know the truth and nothing more or less. It is absurd to link someone who believes in God to an occult. Therefore, everyone should get their facts right. Or, tell them to please just shut up!

Also, it’s imperative to admit that most of the stories about “powers of Satan” are hoaxes. I read somewhere that spirits seldom have direct control over matter (real things that have weight and occupy space). Instead, they can only inspire humans with flesh to handle such situations. You can guess where I am heading to already, right? Well, nothing stinks than being afraid of stories that are just a creation of a few controversy theorists!

The truth is that, according to VOX, the last known members of Illuminati died in the 1780s when they were hunted down by the Duke of Bavaria Karl Theodor. Most of the other groups that take the name only do it to gain momentary fame. Forget it- Illuminati I just a hoax. Work so hard, become so successful that your haters will start saying you’re worshiping the devil- you hear me?!

Update: Someone wants to know “Will the Illuminati find me and kill me for reading this article?

My Answer: Congratulations! You just found a real-physical self-declared Illuminati agent three centuries after the group was disbanded! Could he/she/it be a reincarnation of Adam Weishaupt?!

First I’d love to tell you to report it to the police, but I feel some jungle justice is necessary here. Before he carries out the attack, please refer him or her or “it” to me—my readers deserve an interview!

Second, I’d love to say “yes they will!” but then, after reading this article, you know too much already if they indeed exist, don’t you?!

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